Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

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Biotechnology / 12 August, 2021
Biotechnology and Health: An Investment in the Future

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

It is not surprising that in 2020 and 2021 health investment funds benefit from population patterns and trends, public spending in developed countries is hovering around $2.5 billion.

Whether it is the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic or the general concern about longevity, or the surprising and interesting increase in life expectancy, plus the subsequent increase in demand for more and better medical services, as well as access to them.

Biotechnology Sector Delivers Big Gains for Humanity and Investors

Biotechnology Sector Delivers Big Gains for Humanity and Investors

The biotechnology is gaining ground thanks to its multiple applications, which makes this megatrend an important option for investors looking to expand their portfolio with innovation.

Most interestingly, healthcare investment should be seen for what it is: investment in a broad, diverse and sometimes heterogeneous sector. Pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, sectors dedicated to the development of technology focused on optics and hearing, health care services, health insurance, biomechanics, medical devices and a myriad of possible combinations of sectors, all in constant growth and development, offering current and future investors many more years of steady growth.

The scenario is very similar to that of the 90’s where technology and the internet were the tip of the iceberg of change and development; the question is: To invest or not to invest in biotechnology and health? Let’s take a walk through some aspects:


Relevant aspects for biotech and healthcare investment

  • Multiple sectors to focus on: There are branches that invest in companies belonging to one or several general or numerous sectors dedicated to health, such as biotechnology, biomechanics, pharmaceuticals and the like. There are also some sectors that invest in companies belonging to one or several specialized sectors, which pursue the eradication of pathologies such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and even specific cases such as the current coronavirus.
  • Opportunities for everyone: with a low level of debt and high growth potential, the combination of the health sector and the megatrend that is biotechnology within this sector, within and outside the COVID-19 context, investment portfolios, business groups and even individuals benefit from investing in these sectors.

Whether it is to improve the distribution of medical equipment, develop more and better treatments for pathologies, control a pandemic or epidemic, or even develop and produce drugs, all these sectors are closely related and benefit from diverse financial resources and with the combination of healthcare and biotechnology, the investment options are only emerging and abounding; it is up to you to make the decision to be part of the change.

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