What is 5G Technology?

5G technology is the fifth generation of mobile networks. This new generation will allow our mobile connections to be much faster, to have less latency and more data capacity. 5G networks have ten times greater capacity than 4G networks. For example, a 5G connection can be even faster than a wired connection.

What is  5G Technology?

Why invest in 5G Technology?

More speed and data capacity

More speed and data capacity

It is a real revolution in connectivity, as it offers a lot more speed and data capacity.

One of the technologies with the greatest potential

One of the technologies with the greatest potential

5G is one of the technologies with the greatest potential to change the way we live. The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, and all the other technologies that are changing the world, will benefit directly from 5G.

Impact on all industries

Impact on all industries

5G technology will have an impact on all industries, allowing for remote medical appointments, the development of autonomous vehicles and safer transport, and many other new developments.

How do we invest in 5G Technology?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in 5G technology:

News about 5G Technology

5G network and smart cars

5G Technology Artificial Intelligence E-mobility

The cars of the future are expected to be autonomous and electric, driven by growing technology. Undoubtedly, the mobility of the future also coexists with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The metaverse and its influence on technology investments

5G Technology Gaming and eSports

Companies are promoting the creation of the metaverse, so much so that the market valuation currently amounts to 800,000 million dollars and by 2030 it is estimated that this valuation could reach 2.5 trillion.

Advantages and disadvantages of 5G technology

5G Technology New Gen New technologies

To think that the future is still far away is to forget that tomorrow is already the future, and we will be living it as soon as we open our eyes at dawn. In this path of technological advances, we went from having a truly pocket device that was used to make and receive calls from (almost) anywhere (1G), to being able to make up for that need by choosing to send a text message instead of calling (2G). 

5G technology, an industry called to change the world

5G Technology

The 5G generation is expected to generate a worldwide economic value of 12.3 billion dollars by 2035, which represents an important field of action for investors.

Internet of Things Enabling Technologies

5G Technology Big Data Blockchain

To increase its applications, IoT works with technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud and Edge Computing, Augmented Reality and 5G.

The importance of the 5G network

5G Technology

All the great technological changes in history did not remain stagnant or reserved in their respective areas of knowledge, but transcended and disrupted all aspects of life, profoundly transforming everyday social life.