What is Circular economy?

The circular economy is a new economic system. Unlike the linear economy, which generates waste, pollution and carbon emissions, the circular economy focuses on repairing, recycling and reusing materials.

What is  Circular economy?

Why invest in circular economy?

Strong growth

Strong growth

We still live in a very linear economy, so companies focused on the circular economy will see strong growth for decades to come.

Bet on recycling

Bet on recycling

All countries and companies are committed to greater recycling and waste management. This is increasing the demand for services and products from companies focused on the circular economy.

Potential for companies

Potential for companies

The increased demand for this new economic system represents a strong potential for companies focused on the circular economy.

How do we invest in circular economy?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in the circular economy:

News about circular economy

Bioeconomy, a strategy for the future

Circular economy

The bioeconomy is a model where biotechnology contributes significantly to economic production and, combined with the circular economy, represents an economically and environmentally sustainable model.

Innovative examples of circular economy

Circular economy Climate change New Gen

The circular economy is a model that arises in contrast to the 'linear economy', which has taken the exploitation of natural resources to the limit. In this sense, the circular economy adds to the efforts to promote sustainable development.


Understanding the socially responsible investing

Circular economy Clean energies Climate change and neo-ecology

It's no secret that socially responsible investing now occupies centre stage amongst investors and asset managers. How can we implement socially responsible investing processes?

Economía circular

Advantages and disadvantages of the circular economy

Circular economy

The circular economy brings multiple benefits to humanity, since it seeks to reduce the environmental impact of production processes through various actions that culminate in the reduction of waste and the burning of fossil fuels.

Circular economy as a strategy for sustainability

Circular economy

Learn about the benefits of the circular economy and why it is ideal to invest in the creation of a sustainable and eco-friendly economic system.