Weekly keys: What is happening this week?

Discover the key news in the form of headlines with the collaboration of our Advisory Team.

With a tense calm apparently returning to geopolitics, central banks will now take centre stage. This week it will be the European Central Bank

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White Turf 2020 - Horse racing in the Swiss Alps

When the cold and snow arrive in St. Moritz, a small and quiet town of around 5,000 inhabitants located in the Swiss Alps, the city changes itself. One of the most critical events in Switzerland’s luxury calendar arrives, the White Turf, a horse-racing meeting on the city’s frozen lake.

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The importance of emotions in the world of investment

Traditional theories of finance tend to see people as rational beings who try to maximize utility and have perfect information. But are we humans like that?

The answer is not. Sometimes we humans are rational, but at other times we are guided by our emotions or look for shortcuts, given our inability to process all available information.

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Sustainability, energy and commitment

We are faced with a new wave marked by sustainability. In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for socially responsible investment solutions. The notable increase in awareness of economic, social and environmental sustainability is now also being clearly reflected in customer investments.

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