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The financing of life insurance premiums

These international insurances have a double component of savings and insurance so that the premiums paid have a return that is used in part by the insurer to guarantee the payment.

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Change of trend in the price of silver

Although the price of silver may not change its trend, there could at least be an upturn that may drive the price up from the current 16 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars per ounce within a year. We believe that the price of physical silver could have bottomed out, following a period of correction lasting eight years (from 2011 to 2019), in which it has accumulated a loss of 72%.

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The Federal Reserve cuts rates for the first time in ten years

This is the first rate cut of the last decade (since 2008), and occurs in a context of economic expansion (specifically the longest period since 1850 without registering a recession), and low unemployment (the unemployment rate it is located in the area of ​​historical lows).

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The latest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

With the new podcast channels from BBVA, you can have access to the latest news about personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions, and much more.

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Digital solutions


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