10 interesting facts about the financial market that you did not know

Did you know that the market capitalisation value of Netflix is similar to that for the whole Mexican Stock Exchange? This is just one of many curiosities about the financial market that you did not know.

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Weekly Keys: What is happening this week?

Pre-election week in the US with many states still undecided but with a clear lead in the polls for Joe Biden.

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8 tips for a healthy diet

The term megatrend is becoming commonplace within society and even more so within the investment world. The speed with which technology has changed our lives over the last few years has been extraordinary, we can also assume that this will not stop here and will continue in the future.

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What are blue bonds?

Today, most of the financial world knows what green bonds are, but it is still unknown what blue bonds are.

So, what are blue bonds?

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6 habits for a healthy life after Covid-19

Creating healthy habits is always a challenge under normal circumstances.
In this exceptional situation, after Covid-19, we must make an extra effort to improve our health in general.

That is why we have listed 6 habits for a healthy life after Covid-19.

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BBVA in Switzerland keeps its operation normally

BBVA in Switzerland keeps operating normally after having activated the contingency plans in response to the Covid-19.

According to the recommendations of the Swiss Federal Council and the Zurich cantonal authority, the entity has implemented several preventive measures among the employees to avoid the risk of contagion. Our team and technology systems keeps offering normal service to our clients.

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How to open an account in Switzerland?

Do you know how to open an account in Switzerland?

We have collected some of the most frequent questions about opening an account at BBVA in Switzerland.

Check it out and do not miss any opportunity.

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