Code of conduct

BBVA promotes behaving with integrity through principles and standards of conduct established in the Code of Conduct, which apply to all employees and managers of the Group. The Code of Conduct is a guide of behavior to maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty in accordance with the best international business practices.
The Code of Conduct is the concrete expression of the culture of integrity we seek and which, we are convinced, is the only way to work and understand our business. The code establishes the expected behavioral guidelines in our relations with customers, the company, our colleagues and society.
At BBVA, we focus on our customers, seek excellence and act in such a way that our behavior contributes to guaranteeing transparency in our activities, products and services.
The code applies to all BBVA employees and has the following key sections:
  1. Conduct with the customer: we place customers at the center of our activity in order to establish lasting relationships, founded on mutual trust and contribution of value.
  2. Conduct with our colleagues: we promote a work environment that facilitates professional and human development; the diversity of skills and experiences and the integration of different people and cultures is one of BBVA’s sources of success.
  3. Conduct with the company: it contains the guidelines for professional and personal conduct for an upright and diligent behavior with BBVA; its purpose is to ensure compliance with legal obligations and to prevent our conduct from being contrary to internal rules and policies and may harm BBVA’s assets, image or reputation.
  4. Conduct with society: we work for a better future for people; our responsibility is to contribute with our actions to the progress and sustainable development of the societies in which we work, committing ourselves to their citizens and institutions.
  5. Application of the code: contains our commitment to the Code of Conduct as members of BBVA, information about the compliance function and the whistleblower channel.
*The BBVA Code of Conduct is written in English.