Reputation and attractiveness, security and trust, discretion and responsibility... Swiss banking, with its centuries of experience, is a sector in constant evolution. A key element of its internationally renowned, reliable, and innovative financial ecosystem is the regulatory framework.
BBVA Switzerland celebrates fifty years since it opened its doors in the city of Zurich, the world capital of private banking. Since then, the bank has focused on financial excellence to bring opportunities and solutions adapted to the evolution of the world and of future generations.
2024: A global election year with over 2 billion voters across 50 countries - assessing the impact of politics on investments and financial markets.
Over the past fifteen years, the number of the largest private banking institutions in Switzerland, those managing over CHF 100 billion, has doubled. A program to enhance transparency and international collaboration has helped consolidate the sector.
Investing in the stock market offers multiple options and possibilities. One interesting investment option is the spin-off, a process in which a company separates a subsidiary to allow it to be listed independently. How do they work? Which have been the most famous in history? What returns do they provide?
When we talk about the perfect recipe, there are always a series of ingredients that must be carefully selected to achieve the best result. BBVA in Switzerland is launching a series of 10 lessons that invite us to review the milestones achieved by Switzerland as a global power in well-being, the economy and innovation.
The first Swiss franc was issued 174 years ago, but the foundations of one of the world's most stable currencies were laid in the early 20th century. The Swiss franc is, along with gold, one of investors' favorite assets. 
With more certainty than ever, sustainable investment is the future and 2023 looks set to be the year in which renewable energies will begin their unstoppable rise around the world.
Although the economic, social and environmental goals of both types of investing are the same and complement each other, their processes and applications differ. While the former emphasizes measurement, the latter focuses more on maximizing a positive impact. 
The evolution of mining protocols to proof of stake (PoS) or the transition to renewable energies enables more sustainable networks.
The travel industry has increased its commitment to technology with the proliferation of startups, and they’re forcing traditional businesses in the industry to fly with them.
The new energy system, harnessing clean and renewable energies, has completely reshaped the market for certain commodities. It is estimated that demand for five of the materials considered critical to ensure the energy transition could increase up to sevenfold by 2050.
It is the next generation of the web, where user experience and interaction will be more personalized, secure, and democratic. In Web 3.0, the crypto ecosystem is the essential component. 
Obesity is a disease that affects 500 million people; the fifth leading cause of mortality in the world. A huge problem that governments, institutions and private companies are looking for solutions to.
An application on your cell phone that combines dozens of features: chatting, navigation, wallet, booking system... These so-called super apps give users access to a whole range of services, anytime, anywhere.
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