The travel industry has increased its commitment to technology with the proliferation of startups, and they’re forcing traditional businesses in the industry to fly with them.
It is the next generation of the web, where user experience and interaction will be more personalized, secure, and democratic. In Web 3.0, the crypto ecosystem is the essential component. 
An application on your cell phone that combines dozens of features: chatting, navigation, wallet, booking system... These so-called super apps give users access to a whole range of services, anytime, anywhere.
The future of the Internet is around the corner. As opposed to the creation of tech oligopolies and the mass data collection of Web 2.0, everything seems to suggest we are on the horizon of a new, less global phase, one with greater public regulation and different ways of resisting any form of governance.
Bitcoin has proven to be a secure and cyberattack resistant network. However, the storage of cryptocurrencies in virtual wallets and exchanges might become vulnerable.
Studying new medicines and their properties is made that much easier thanks to supercomputers and artificial intelligence. Experts believe that AI has democratized the development of medicines and helps to better understand chemistry while questioning certain work methods.
Neither growth has stopped, nor does it show any signs of slowing down. The transition to a cashless society and the growing role of payments as more than just an exchange of value, is creating a unique opportunity in the ecommerce and financial services sector.
Far from being a mere toy, video game playing is having an enormous impact worldwide both culturally and economically. The European industry is now the sector’s second most powerful player. 
We have integrated into our operating system the Gas Station, an innovative digital service created by Avaloq and Crypto Finance that will allow our customers to trade digital assets 24/7 (Bitcoin and Ether) without having to worry about the mining/gas expenses associated with the blockchain.
80 % of central banks worldwide are planning to launch a digital currency in the coming years. The United Kingdom has already put in place the machinery to create its CBDC, a digital pound focused on payments.
BBVA is the first bank in the eurozone, through its subsidiary in Switzerland, to offer a cryptocurrency custody service. 
Beyond Crypto Winter, the adoption and long-term prospects of digital assets have only expanded lately, as well as the list of investors participating in this space. 
The crypto ecosystem, with its fluctuations and the constant emergence of new "altcoins", encourages cryptocurrency users to pay closer attention to transparency, security and liquidity.  
The market size for semiconductors, those essential small components in the automotive, computer and data storage industries, is growing steadily. Experts estimate that the sector will exceed 1 trillion dollars by 2030. The investment is in Asia.
Other virtual reality goggles and artificial intelligence without limits. It may seem that 2024 will focus on these two technology trends, but it is almost certain that neither techno-optimists nor techno-skeptics will get it completely right.
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