The market size for semiconductors, those essential small components in the automotive, computer and data storage industries, is growing steadily. Experts estimate that the sector will exceed 1 trillion dollars by 2030. The investment is in Asia.
The size of the quantum economy is approaching $1 billion and will exceed $6 billion by 2030. This sector of subatomic particles affects computing, medicine and science. Profitability and expectations are already awaiting new investments.
We are immersed in an unprecedented labor revolution. Most jobs of the future do not exist today. This raises important questions: What will offices be like by 2030? Will remote work continue?
Other virtual reality goggles and artificial intelligence without limits. It may seem that 2024 will focus on these two technology trends, but it is almost certain that neither techno-optimists nor techno-skeptics will get it completely right.
The massive use of cheaper synthetic data sets to train artificial intelligence generates an unexpected phenomenon that spoils the results.
An application on your cell phone that combines dozens of features: chatting, navigation, wallet, booking system... These so-called super apps give users access to a whole range of services, anytime, anywhere.
BBVA in Switzerland has successfully migrated its digital assets operations to Metaco’s institutional-grade digital asset custody and platform, Harmonize™, which is fully integrated on Avaloq’s Crypto Assets platform and banking system.
It is the next generation of the web, where user experience and interaction will be more personalized, secure, and democratic. In Web 3.0, the crypto ecosystem is the essential component. 
Scaleups are a successful evolution of startups. Small high-growth companies that are transforming the global business landscape, attracting record investments and leading the digital revolution. The United
Chalkboards, paper textbooks and written exams are making way for EdTech, a revolutionary method aimed at transforming education systems from top to bottom.
Tiny robots, barely perceptible to the human eye, will be able to travel through the bloodstream to cure such lethal and aggressive diseases as cancer. This decade will be key.
The travel industry has increased its commitment to technology with the proliferation of startups, and they’re forcing traditional businesses in the industry to fly with them.
People still want to visit a physical bank branch, but they expect the experience to be useful, simple, and comfortable. They already manage many transactions via an app, but they seek a personal touch and a tailored experience for the less routine operations. The smart branch is here to stay.
The scientific community is exploring how to manufacture super efficient devices using biological hardware. Biocomputers inspired in nature, processors made of human nerve cells… Fascinating projects under a newly coined umbrella term: organoid intelligence.
The book, paper and "ballpen" are being replaced by educational technology in recent years. As a tool in the classroom, EdTech can provide students with personalized learning experiences, automate routine tasks and provide instant observations.
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