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Digital assets service

BBVA Switzerland was the first TIER1 bank in the Eurozone to offer cryptocurrency custody and trading services. A service, under the framework of Swiss law, that guarantees security and transparency through the use of blockchain technology, optimizing processes and ensuring the accuracy of transactions. 

  • Join a top-tier bank that offers custody and additional services to ensure the protection of your assets. 
  • Diversify with a higher degree of transparency to optimize performance and asset protection, eliminating technicalities and providing convenience. 
  • 100% digital banking with all BBVA products in Switzerland at your fingertips.

All the security you need

As a FINMA regulated entity, our service prioritizes security with segregated custody to protect your assets. We are a bank with audited public balance sheets that guarantees financial transparency and transparent processes in the execution of operations. We comply with rigorous standards, ensuring the integrity and security of our customers' funds.

Digital Assets with BBVA Switzerland

The most important cryptocurrencies.

Wallets available at BBVA in Switzerland

  • Hot Wallet

    Quick and efficient transactions.

    Approval with individual signature, by the customer only. 

  • Warm Wallet

    Enhanced online security.

    Approval with multi-signature, of the customer and bank. 

Digital Assets with BBVA Switzerland


Efficiency and transparency. 

Service security

Regulated entity, segregated custody. 


Institutional, private and New Gen. 

Types of Wallets

Hot, fast and online. Warm, improved security. 

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