Reputation and attractiveness, security and trust, discretion and responsibility... Swiss banking, with its centuries of experience, is a sector in constant evolution. A key element of its internationally renowned, reliable, and innovative financial ecosystem is the regulatory framework.
BBVA Switzerland celebrates fifty years since it opened its doors in the city of Zurich, the world capital of private banking. Since then, the bank has focused on financial excellence to bring opportunities and solutions adapted to the evolution of the world and of future generations.
Over the past fifteen years, the number of the largest private banking institutions in Switzerland, those managing over CHF 100 billion, has doubled. A program to enhance transparency and international collaboration has helped consolidate the sector.
When we talk about the perfect recipe, there are always a series of ingredients that must be carefully selected to achieve the best result. BBVA in Switzerland is launching a series of 10 lessons that invite us to review the milestones achieved by Switzerland as a global power in well-being, the economy and innovation.
The first Swiss franc was issued 174 years ago, but the foundations of one of the world's most stable currencies were laid in the early 20th century. The Swiss franc is, along with gold, one of investors' favorite assets. 
It tops the main international rankings in economic prosperity, competitiveness, government effectiveness and political stability. Switzerland has discovered the formula to stay on the podium and go further: it is a country that attracts and retains an essential ingredient - talent.
Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA in Switzerland, participated this Thursday, along with other figures from the Swiss financial sector and other leading industries, in the event 'The Secrets of Leadership in Times of Disruptive Change' organized by RFS. 
This week the ninth edition of the Crypto Asset Conference, one of the most important Blockchain events at European level, was held in Frankfurt.
By any measure, 2022 was a difficult year for investors. However, at BBVA we like to see the glass as half full. 
Celent, the leading research and technology consulting company for financial institutions, has awarded BBVA in Switzerland for its wealth management model at Innovation & Insight Week 2022.
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