Investing in the stock market offers multiple options and possibilities. One interesting investment option is the spin-off, a process in which a company separates a subsidiary to allow it to be listed independently. How do they work? Which have been the most famous in history? What returns do they provide?
Switzerland is the country with the most registered patents and industrial designs per capita in the world. What does this mean for companies based there?
From the Industrial Revolution up through to today, many women have made economic history. To commemorate International Women's Day, we are taking a look back at some of history’s important female investors, financiers, economists and stock brokers that have often been overshadowed by their male counterparts. 
Obesity is a disease that affects 500 million people; the fifth leading cause of mortality in the world. A huge problem that governments, institutions and private companies are looking for solutions to.
Fueled by social media, the FOMO syndrome is a negative sentiment that can lead to heavy losses for investors who jump on fads out of fear of missing out on an opportunity.
Demand for this precious metal has been increasing due to its applications in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, which are growing sectors. 
There are more and more investment funds dedicated to the business of healthy nutrition, veganism and other plant-based trends. The change in eating habits in a context of climate change is encouraging a sector that in 2030 will generate more than 150 billion euros.
Intuition is no longer enough; the future of many emerging companies now depends on metrics and evidence. Reliable information, transparency, speed of spending, use analysis and monetization capacity are key to analyzing their potential for success.
As music fans, we know its power to connect us, lift our spirits, make us dance and even cry like no other art form can. Beyond entertainment, it is part of our culture and a driving force for economic growth.
Investing in a country that is a leader in innovation, which has a tremendously secure financial background, and which is the global capital of private banking is only possible if you look to Switzerland.
Gold, wheat, oil, copper, corn... Commodities can be a profitable investment. Commodities retain their value better at times of inflation, and retail investors also have their momentum.
When selecting companies to be included in portfolios, fund managers look for at least five attractive characteristics that guarantee their long-term continuity and, therefore, offer potential profitability.
This soft and light metal possesses a key quality for energy transition: its capacity to store energy in a small space. But what about its investment potential? 
The most successful investors, fund managers and economic gurus of our time spend hours reading, and not only about the economy. These are some of the books the likes of Buffet, Soros, Lynch, Gross and Mobius have fully digested. 
Can we escape path dependence when investing? Why is understanding trends critical? What is path dependence?
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