Switzerland pills

Stability and safety

  • AAA Credit Rating

Sign of the country's economic strength and stability.

  • + 40 International Organizations    

are headquartered in Switzerland (UN, BIS, Red Cross, IOC, FIFA, etc.)

Global financial center

  • + 270 years of history and tradition

in the financial sector with more than 250 banks present.

  • 25% of private assets held abroad worldwide

Banks manage $2.4 trillion. 

Leader in innovation

  • + 350 Fintech companies

Redefining the future of financial services.

  • #1 competitiveness and innovation ranking

Putting Switzerland at the forefront of financial innovation. 

Center of Blockchain

  • +1100 companies in crypto valley

The world's leading Blockchain center.

  • # 1the world's first cryptobanks

Have been established in the Alpine country. 


  • BBVA

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    • With a track record of more than 165 years developing the banking of the future.
    • An exceptional service with a business model focused on the customer and on technology as a key element to face the transformation process that the financial industry is undergoing. 


  • Switzerland

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    • Switzerland, a global leader in private banking and innovation.
    • From our Swiss roots to our international presence, we have always known the true meaning of long-term commitment.

A multidisciplinary, proactive and specialized team

  • 50 years of experience offering personalized advice
  • Our customers are present in more than 15 countries
  • Employees of 18 different nationalities
  • We speak more than 8 languages

The best of both worlds

Traditional and digital assets in the same investment portfolio

With you wherever you are. At any time.

Contact your advisor through the mobile application and receive all the support you need to manage your assets. You can also track your investments, sign documents and much more. 

Switzerland: the perfect recipe

BBVA in Switzerland is launching a series of 10 educational pills that invite us to look back at this country's great milestones
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