Why is biotechnology destined to change the future?

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Biotechnology / 7 August, 2021
Why is biotechnology destined to change the future?

Karla García Gil Journalist

Biotechnology is one of the scientific and technological disciplines that has advanced the most in the last 20 years. These advances have been made mainly in genomic sequencing, gene editing and synthetic biology, and have made it possible to develop new solutions in industries such as agriculture and medicine.

Many production chains are currently seeking efficiency and sustainability, using biotechnology as a means of generating new products to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, energy and computing sectors.  However, something that is definitely revolutionizing biotechnology is in the area of health, mainly in the diagnosis of diseases caused by genetic factors, since new tests can predict the probability that a patient will develop a certain disease, according to his or her genetic factors.

Another important part of biotechnology is personalized medicine, which seeks to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate drugs according to their specific conditions, genetic makeup and other innate characteristics.

Biotechnology Sector Delivers Big Gains for Humanity and Investors

Biotechnology Sector Delivers Big Gains for Humanity and Investors

The biotechnology is gaining ground thanks to its multiple applications, which makes this megatrend an important option for investors looking to expand their portfolio with innovation.

Medical applications

  • Gene therapy, which consists of introducing genes into the cells of human beings to replace those with a defect with totally healthy genes. This field has grown significantly since the first clinical trial in the 1990s.
  • Stem cells are originally unspecialized cells that can mature into specific functional cells. Stem cells can be cultured in the laboratory and can be converted into the desired cell type and then surgically implanted. The aim is to replace diseased tissue with healthy tissue.
  • Nanomedicine is used, for example, through nanospheres that convert infrared light into heat energy to destroy cancer cells.

Investments in the industry

According to data from IBISWorld the average growth of the biotechnology industry in the period 2015-2020 was 1.3%, while the size of the market in that last year amounted to 295 billion dollars, with a total of 11,343 companies immersed in the field.

The global biotechnology market is expected to reach $833.34 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.02% during the period 2020-2027, according to Fior Markets.

As we can see, biotechnology is destined to change the future of humanity in one way or another, and being one of the industries that have advanced the most in recent years, the injection of capital into it represents one of the best options for investors for the future. There are several investment funds that promote the development of this technology and in which it is possible to invest.


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