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Why invest in Artificial Intelligence?

Now is the right time

Now is the right time

Artificial intelligence is already a driver of innovation, making any process more efficient, processing and analysing huge amounts of information in a very short time.

Developed in a big way in recent years

Developed in a big way in recent years

Artificial intelligence has developed in a big way in recent years, driven by the increase in computing power and storage.

Is very present in our daily lives

Is very present in our daily lives

It is a technology that is very present in our daily lives, with applications in various fields such as healthcare, finance, transportation, justice and education.

We are only at the beginning

We are only at the beginning

Examples such as song recognition, automatic vehicles, domestic robots, simultaneous language translation or facial recognition are just the tip of the iceberg.

Can increase the rate of economic growth

Can increase the rate of economic growth

Artificial intelligence can increase the rate of economic growth twofold by 2035 according to the Accenture and Frontier Economics study, March 2017.

News on Artificial Intelligence

Industries that use artificial intelligence to identify patterns

Artificial intelligence is becoming more important every day to improve the way society performs. Its combination with big data allows a long list of analyzes that are beneficial at all levels. However, its ability to identify patterns can improve almost any industry.

Generative Artificial Intelligence creates NFT

In 2021 alone, NFT sales reached $25 billion, with those in the arts having the greatest impact.

Reinventing customer service through new technologies

Generations have been transformed and have adopted new search, selection and consumption habits, so now they expect companies to thoroughly understand their needs and provide strategies to meet them.

New Gen: The 10 most sought-after trends of 2021

Megatrends are transformative forces whose impact is perceptible by an important segment of society for a prolonged period of time, mainly in the business and economic fields.

2022: End of the pandemic and key year for economic recovery

The Omicron outbreak is signaling the beginning of the end by becoming an immunization accelerator along with vaccines, therefore, it is expected that Covid-19 will end up being an endemic virus with which mankind will be able to live without major problems.

5 artificial intelligence companies to invest in

Investing in artificial intelligence is a smart decision since technological advances in this area are being applied to different industries, thus achieving better results. How to invest in artificial intelligence? Here we leave you 5 options.