Gold: a safe asset


When is it good to invest in gold? Is gold a good choice as a safe haven asset? Join us to discover the details of gold as a safe haven asset.

Post COVID Generation: How we have changed as investors


The pandemic affected every aspect of people’s lives, including investment priorities. What kind of company is now attracting the attention of investors of the post-covid generation? How did society’s priorities change? Technology, health and sustainability industries lead the way.

Evergrande: the future real estate crisis?


Another real estate bubble about to burst: we give you 5 keys to understand the Evergrande case and the possibility of another real estate crisis like the one in 2008.

BBVA Switzerland launches New Gen, a new online investment account with many attractive features

BBVA in Switzerland New Gen

New Gen, BBVA in Switzerland's new online investment account, allows customers to invest quickly in the most innovative investment trends on the market

Lakes in Switzerland: the most refreshing alternative in summer

Learn about Switzerland What to visit

The lakes, together with the mountains in Switzerland, are the country's most characteristic natural elements.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in commodities


Raw materials are objects that we obtain from nature and that serve as inputs in the production of derived products. For example, cotton is the basis for the textile industry, or petroleum for the polymer industry.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in equities


As soon as we start investing, we immediately come across the first two categories that we need to know and understand before making an investment decision, especially if the objective is to preserve and grow our assets.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in mixed funds

Mixed funds

Mixed investment funds are funds that in their structure include fixed income instruments, such as government or corporate bonds, and equity instruments, mainly stocks or ETFs.

BBVA en Suiza lanza el servicio de criptomonedas

BBVA in Switzerland launches its cryptoasset offering to the market

Bitcoin Crypto New Gen

It is a pleasure to communicate with all our clients and stakeholders in order to announce the market launch of the new cryptoasset offering. This innovative offering will complement our investment offering available in traditional financial assets for Private Banking clients.     Starting next Monday, June 21, 2021,…

Scam alert: a campaign of malicious messages and calls impersonating BBVA has been detected.

BBVA Group

A campaign of malicious messages distributed via SMS or digital instant messaging channels (Smishing) has recently been detected. The messages impersonate BBVA and inform the recipients that there has been some anomaly or suspicious attempt to access their accounts, cards or other banking products, asking them to “verify” certain data through a link shown in the message.

Discover the 10 keys to good health

Healthy Life Nutrition

According to medical experts, the key to good health lies in a balanced life, with appropriate eating habits, sufficient rest, and regular exercise to counteract the sedentary lifestyle so prevalent in modern societies.

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