What is Clean energies?

Clean energies are energies which cannot be depleted and which do not produce harmful gases during their production. The main sources of clean energy are solar, wind, hydraulic and geothermal energy, each of which takes advantage of one of the elements offered by our planet, sun, wind, water and earth.

What is  Clean energies?

Why invest in clean energies?

Demand soared

Demand soared

The demand for clean energies is soaring and their costs are falling, making them the main energy sources of the future.

Strong relevance in the stock market

Strong relevance in the stock market

Energy companies have always played major roles in the history of the stock markets. If the new sources of energy are renewable, which companies will benefit?

Freno al cambio climático

Freno al cambio climático

In the long term, it contributes to the health of the planet and to slowing down climate change. It is one of the main drivers of the energy transformation that our planet is undergoing and it is changing at a breathtaking pace.

Why invest in clean energies ?

We have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide to invest in clean energies:

News about clean energies

What is renewable and what is not: examples

Clean energies

To invest in the use of renewable energies is to invest in the well-being and future of the planet, which after years of pollution already shows the consequences. Therefore, here are examples of both types of energy to know the difference and be part of the change


Understanding the socially responsible investing

Circular economy Clean energies Climate change and neo-ecology

It's no secret that socially responsible investing now occupies centre stage amongst investors and asset managers. How can we implement socially responsible investing processes?

Clean energy industry grows

Clean energies

Expected investments for 2030 are around one trillion dollars; however, lower installation costs indicate that future investments could be higher than expected.

Energías limpias y renovables

Difference between clean and renewable energies

Clean energies

Although they are not synonyms, there are some types of renewable energies that are also clean, they are the best alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which besides being highly polluting, come from non-renewable sources.

The importance of living in a sustainable world

Clean energies Energy saving technology Investment

If there is a fact that shows us the importance of living in a sustainable environment and focusing on the environment is that 29 July was the Earth Overshoot Day​, i.e. the day when humanity consumed all the resources available for that year.  The current pace is increasing and growing exponentially every single year.