Clean Energies

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Why invest in clean energies?

Demand soared

Demand soared

The demand for clean energies is soaring and their costs are falling, making them the main energy sources of the future.

Strong relevance in the stock market

Strong relevance in the stock market

Energy companies have always played major roles in the history of the stock markets. If the new sources of energy are renewable, which companies will benefit?

Freno al cambio climático

Freno al cambio climático

In the long term, it contributes to the health of the planet and to slowing down climate change. It is one of the main drivers of the energy transformation that our planet is undergoing and it is changing at a breathtaking pace.

News about clean energies

How much green energy is generated in Latin America?

The Latin American and Caribbean region produces about 60% of its electricity from green sources and contains one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world. Hydroelectric power generates most of the area's electricity.

Energy crisis in Europe worsens and creates uncertainty

As Europe faces an energy crisis, many countries are striving to implement sustainable energy solutions as soon as possible to reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life for European citizens. However, recent events have sharpened the need for an emergency plan to ensure Europe's gas supply.

Keys to the energy transition: nuclear, wind, solar and hydrogen energy

Among the keys to the decarbonization of the electricity sector is the promotion of renewable energies, the electrification of the economy and the increase in energy efficiency, thus developing a clean supply capable of meeting demand.

Investment opportunities thanks to the Hydrogen industry

In 2020, the European Union pledged to invest 430 billion dollars in renewable hydrogen by 2030, with the goal of installing 40 gigawatts of electrolyzers.

What is renewable and what is not: examples

To invest in the use of renewable energies is to invest in the well-being and future of the planet, which after years of pollution already shows the consequences. Therefore, here are examples of both types of energy to know the difference and be part of the change