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2022: Countries Impacted by Increases in Energy Prices

Energy saving technology Renewable energy

Europe is facing an energy crisis with serious consequences for both ordinary citizens and industries. The constant increase in the cost of energy has caused price increases in all items and the measures taken to minimize the impact have not been sufficient. Europe will face a bigger problem in the near future: supply.

Shared Mobility: An Ally for the Planet

Mobility Shared mobility

From cars to scooters, shared mobility has evolved considerably over the years, becoming one of the first options for residents looking for greater security and lower costs without including the long-term commitment that their own means of mobility implies. Faced with overpopulation and the number of cars, this trend is presented as a viable and planet-friendly alternative.

Social networks + ecommerce: A Relationship with Strong Results

Digitalisation E-commerce

Digital marketing has become e-commerce's best friend. Therefore, BBVA New Gen has both trends to offer its investors as part of those industries that project positive futures in the financial market. Are you ready to invest in a trendy industry?

Figures that reflect changes in longevity in the world

Anti-aging medicine Healthy life

Currently, life expectancy is over 70 years in almost every country in the world. This presents a challenge for authorities and governments, who find it necessary to adapt certain elements to adjust to this reality. The increasing increase in longevity has also become a major investment trend, leading to the question of what has caused this increase?

Social Networks: A universe of 4.6 million users

Digitalisation Social Media

Investing in RRSS has remained a trend in recent years due to the high use that users make of it per month. In addition, the constant growth of the population that joins social networks grows considerably every year, which makes this industry one of the most attractive for investors from all over the world.

Recovery of the tourism industry post Covid

Digitalisation Travel technology

The recovery of the tourism industry this 2022 will be around US$8 billion, which represents a 32% increase compared to last year.

Impact of war on e-commerce and supply chains

Digital economy Digitalisation E-commerce

The price of gasoline has reached record highs, especially in the United States where it reached US$4.173 per gallon, a price not recorded since 2008.

Google as an ally of the great moments of life

Digitalisation E-commerce Social Media

Search engines are of great help when making the most important decisions of our lives, because we can ask them practically everything and they provide us with advice, options, and even the resolution of our problems.

How to Invest Like George Soros: Learn from the Best with New Gen

George Soros Investment geniuses

The investor uses the contrarian investing strategy. This is a model of investment in securities in which the market price is estimated to be wrong and, therefore, the price does not correspond to the intrinsic value.

Electric Vehicle Industry Innovation in Alternative Advertising

E-mobility Mobility

The automotive industry, is one that is undoubtedly making great turns and investments in both R&D and alternative advertising. Tesla has become one of the most valuable companies in the world.