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A healthy sustainable diet, the future of food

Healthy life Vegetarianism

A healthy diet in conjunction with a responsible stance on climate change results in a type of diet that promotes all dimensions of people's health and well-being, and also has a low environmental impact.

How much green energy is generated in Latin America?

Clean energies Renewable energy Storage

The Latin American and Caribbean region produces about 60% of its electricity from green sources and contains one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world. Hydroelectric power generates most of the area's electricity.

Food waste and its impact on the planet

Healthy life Nutrition

Wasted food is a topic that is not heard very often but, without a doubt, it must be taken into account as a key factor in the carbon footprint. The impact of food waste is growing every year and addressing the issue is the best way to bring about the important and necessary change the planet requires.

Domotics Vs Internet of Things: What is the difference?

Digital economy Digitalisation Internet of Things

In the search for automation, endless new technologies have been developed, aimed not only at improving quality of life, but also at living day to day with efficient consumption that, on a large scale, can have a high impact on global sustainable goals. From there comes home automation as a technology that uses the internet of things in houses, buildings and even smart cities.

Tesla’s main competitors in the electric vehicle market

E-mobility Mobility

Elon Musk's company ranks seventh on the list of the most efficient vehicles, with its Model S achieving only 405 miles.

Principles of blockchain analytics

Big Data Blockchain New technologies

The blockchain is made up precisely by blocks, that is, by a set of transactions that include an alphanumeric code that will link to the previous and successive block.

The most important video game events

Digitalisation Gaming and eSports New technologies

Gamescom is positioned as the largest video game convention in terms of attendees, as its 2019 edition was attended by 373,000 people.

Generative Artificial Intelligence creates NFT

Artificial Intelligence Blockchain New technologies

In 2021 alone, NFT sales reached $25 billion, with those in the arts having the greatest impact.