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Tips to save energy efficiently in industries

Energy saving technology

80% of consumers worldwide consider of utmost importance that companies implement measures and protocols to combat climate change.

Main applications of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The global IoT market will reach a value of 1.1 trillion dollars by 2024, with an annual growth rate of 13% during the period, with wearables contributing largely to this growth.

Bioeconomy, a strategy for the future

Circular economy

The bioeconomy is a model where biotechnology contributes significantly to economic production and, combined with the circular economy, represents an economically and environmentally sustainable model.

Types of artificial intelligence applied to investment

Artificial Intelligence

The importance of Artificial Intelligence applied to investment lies in the fact that the tools it offers allow early and timely decisions to be made in order to build better strategies that help investors and/or companies.

Stocks, funds, ETF’s… What are they and how to invest?

New Gen

Stocks, investment funds, ETFs... We tell you the differences between these concepts and how to invest in these financial instruments.

BBVA Switzerland launches New Gen, a new online investment account with many attractive features

BBVA in Switzerland New Gen

New Gen, BBVA in Switzerland's new online investment account, allows customers to invest quickly in the most innovative investment trends on the market

Investing in smart cities, a tool to live better in the future and obtain profitability now

Climate change New Gen Smart cities

The objective of silvicultural practices is to ensure the sustainability of goods and services, increasing the resilience and resistance of forests, that is, their capacity to recover and adapt to climate change.

How to Invest to Save Electrical Power and Get Performance on the Road

Energy saving technology New Gen Renewable energy

The saving of electrical energy, both individual and business, represents an important point in industrial costs and environmental impact. Therefore, targeting socially responsible investments to services or enterprises that result in energy efficiency can bring a good economic result and a good environmental impact.