What is Climate change and neo-ecology?

Climate change is the biggest challenge on the planet for decades to come. The average temperature of the planet keeps rising. New technologies are emerging to combat climate change; they will replace the old ones, but be more sustainable.

What is  Climate change and neo-ecology?

Why invest in climate change and neo-ecology?

Big changes across all industries

Big changes across all industries

It will lead to big changes across all industries, so companies dedicated to electric power and neo-ecology will have strong growth. The companies that sustainably replace the companies of old will benefit the most economically.

Benefits for society

Benefits for society

Investing in companies that lead the way in sustainable development to combat climate change benefits society as a whole and the planet.

Prospects for sustainable funds

Prospects for sustainable funds

Studies by Morningstar show that sustainable funds have outperformed traditional funds in all areas over the last 10 years.

Sustainable funds:Return ranking

Evolución fondos sostenibles

Source: MorningStar Direct (hasta 31-12-2020)

How do we invest in climate change and neo-ecology?

To invest in climate change and neo-ecology, we have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide:

News about climate change and neo-ecology

How climate change affects investments

Climate change and neo-ecology

We are facing emerging business opportunities created by a new economy that aims to decarbonize energy and mobility, and that responds to the demands of international markets.

Main Causes of Climate Change

Climate change Climate change and neo-ecology New Gen

Many factors contribute to the climatic deterioration of our planet, being the human being the main responsible for it through various industrial and domestic activities that he carries out on a daily basis. There are some actions you can take to reduce your ecological footprint, ranging from modifying some habits to investing in sustainable services and products.


Understanding the socially responsible investing

Circular economy Clean energies Climate change and neo-ecology

It's no secret that socially responsible investing now occupies centre stage amongst investors and asset managers. How can we implement socially responsible investing processes?

World Environment Day

BBVA in Switzerland Climate change and neo-ecology Healthy Life

5th June is World Environment Day. A day on which the United Nations reminds us of the need to protect the environment. This year the slogan is “Beat plastic pollution” along with “Remember, if you can’t reuse it, refuse it”.  At BBVA Switzerland, we have put this slogan into practice and introduced new office habits.