5 artificial intelligence companies to invest in

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E-commerce / 6 December, 2021
5 artificial intelligence companies to invest in

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Much has been heard of the term “artificial intelligence“, or AI for its acronym in English, and the advances that have been presented in this branch of technology have positively influenced the decision to invest in this industry. And it is that knowing the limits at the level of intelligence that machines can reach can bring innovation, solutions and new processes to problems that are faced daily, or even globally.

BBVA New Gen knows the importance of technology and its advances in society and, therefore, facilitates investment in artificial intelligence through companies with a good performance in the financial market and with a wide range of AI applications.

Here will be shown 5 of that great portfolio of companies related to artificial intelligence whose trajectory and advances have made them stand out among the others when investing.

1. Synaptics Inc

This company has more than 35 years of history and a long list of services that have made it leaders in the human interface hardware and software industry. Throughout history, Synaptics has brought several of the innovations that have revolutionized the technology market, such as touch panels and biometric technology.

They also have more than 1,900 pending or granted patents related to human interface technology, so the future of this company will contain important innovations for the technology.

2. Novatek Microelectronics

Founded in 1997, Novatek specializes in semiconductor and technology equipment. It provides these elements to many of the large companies that we already know and constantly conducts research to improve the technology and quality of its products.

3. Faro Technologies

Measurement and comparison in complex systems is the area par excellence of Faro Technologies, a company that has a greater experience than the previous ones, being founded in 1981. Its technological innovations have been used to carry out measurements, forensic analysis, projections, historical preservations, among others thus improving results in industries such as construction.

4. iRobot Corporation

After 31 years in the field of robotics, iRobot Corporation has established itself as one of the best robot and AI companies in the world. Its most popular innovations are the Roomba and Braava robots, both for home cleaning. However, they continue to work on new technologies, such as robots for the disarmament of explosives within the police forces.

5. Hanwha Aerospace Co

Hanwha is a company that, while not specializing in artificial intelligence, has made great contributions to the aerospace industry in Korea and around the world. Some of the areas in which this company operates are computer systems, closed television circuits, compressors and power generators, among others.

Investing in artificial intelligence is investing in the future

It can then be said that artificial intelligence can be applied to a large number of fields and its technological advances continue to surprise the entire world. That is why BBVA New Gen facilitates the investor’s connection with these types of companies through analysis and constant monitoring that seek to increase the possibility of a positive return on investment for you.

Invest in the future with the help of BBVA New Gen.


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