BBVA New Gen brings current trends closer to investors

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New Gen, Private banking / 14 March, 2022
BBVA New Gen brings current trends closer to investors

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Making the decision to invest is, by itself, an important action in people’s lives; and yet it is one of the most intelligent. Taking the first step towards identifying those megatrends in which you want to be included as an investor is one of the most important aspects that include financial planning that will make your future a calmer one.

As a way to facilitate this process, BBVA New Gen was born, a branch of the renowned bank that seeks to connect investors with megatrends that fit their needs, their values and their financial capital.

Selecting your investment based on your beliefs, values ​​and the future you want for society may not seem decisive, but it is key to having a higher level of satisfaction on a personal level.

5 popular commodities to invest in

5 popular commodities to invest in

The commodities market offers greater stability, liquidity and future profitability, thanks to the increase in demand for them. Investments in raw materials are an excellent bet on the future and BBVA New Gen is the necessary connection between the investor and the market of his preference.

Megatrends collected with you in mind

Through our platform, you will be able to access investments in those industries with the greatest popularity, good prediction of the future and objectives that align with not only the most successful but also the most necessary.

Some examples that can be highlighted are socially responsible investments, those designed not only in the return on investment, but also in the impact they may have on the environment or at a social level. Specifically, it would be talking about topics such as: renewable energy, climate change, neo-ecology, among others.

For fans of technological advances, some of the most popular megatrends are video games and eSports, cybersecurity, robotics, space technologies, artificial intelligence, and much more.

The boom generated by cryptocurrencies makes it a topic to take into account, which is why BBVA New Gen has included the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through its financial platform.

These and many other options are within your reach when you become our client, where a financial advisor will be at your disposal to start or continue your path in the world of investments.

How to invest with BBVA New Gen?

One of the great benefits of becoming a BBVA New Gen customer is that this platform is 100% digital, so we bring our resources closer to you, no matter where you are.

Our goal is to combine the knowledge of experts who have a long history, with the ease provided by new technologies, thus opening the doors to investors of all levels who seek to invest with purpose.

BBVA New Gen is ready to welcome you. Are you ready to start investing?


How to invest in Global investments by BBVA?

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