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A structured product is a combination of two or more financial instruments that form a single structure.

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  • Range accrual on interest rates or currency
  • Dual currency notes

It can interest you

BBVA in Switzerland improves its electronic banking, including a trading module

BBVA in Switzerland Investment

After more than a year of testing, BBVA in Switzerland launches today, June 7, a new e-banking system, more modern, intuitive and complete. One of the main features of the new e-banking is the incorporation of a new trading module, where the clients will be able to trade stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. This is a first in the Swiss banking industry.  Another great innovation in the Swiss banking industry and probably worldwide is the addition of the new module for trading cryptocurrencies, which will be available to all customers from June 21.


The importance of emotions in the world of investment

Investment Market news

Traditional theories of finance tend to see people as rational beings who try to maximize utility and have perfect information. But are we humans like that? The answer is not. Sometimes we humans are rational, but at other times we are guided by our emotions or look for shortcuts, given our inability to process all available information.

Is gold a good safe heaven?

Commodities Financial Education Investment

El primer activo en el que pesamos para proteger nuestro patrimonio, cuando la economía se encuentra en recesión y los bancos centrales inundan de liquidez los mercados, suele ser el oro.