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Why investing from Switzerland?

While you boost the future, we take care of your money with the experience and security of a Swiss Private Bank

Why investing from Switzerland?
Switzerland and the financial centre

Switzerland and the financial centre

  • Switzerland maintains an AAA rating as a country, reflecting the strength of its economy
  • The financial sector is strategic for the country, representing 9.2% of the national GDP and home to more than 250 banks and large insurance companies
  • Europe's most prominent science and healthcare companies are listed on the Swiss stock exchange
  • The country is a leader in global competitiveness and innovation rankings. It is currently a leader in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

Some of the advantages of investing with BBVA New Gen in Switzerland

Security and trust

Security and trust

We have been a regulated bank for more than 25 years in Zurich, offering global investment services to individuals and large investor

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

We offer an online investment experience, but we are not a robot. We are specialists who speak your language

Invest with the freedom you believe in

Invest with the freedom you believe in

We do this by removing barriers to access investment products and presenting you a rigorous selection of the best investment vehicles that represent the idea

With New Gen your money stays in Switzerland, which besides being the country of chocolate and watches, is also recognized worldwide for its stability and security

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Opening an account in a bank abroad: frequently asked questions

BBVA in Switzerland Finance Center Financial Education

Given the growing number of people who are interested in opening an account in Switzerland, we have decided to present answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on this matter.


Digitalization and sustainability in private banking

BBVA in Switzerland Finance Center

On Wednesday, March 4, BBVA organised an event in Zürich about digitalization and sustainability.