Valuation of the stock market against the economic situation

Due to the economic situation that we are confronting these days, it seems relevant to discuss issues of utmost importance to investors and that, for some reason, continue to cause confusion and puzzlement, even among professional investors and analysts.

The topic we will discuss this month is about stock market performance and the valuation of companies against the economic situation.

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How to invest in uncertain times

The first thing is to try to remain calm and not get carried away by your emotions in these volatile and complicated times, which will probably continue to condition the behaviour of the markets in the coming months.

We believe that two basic principles should not be forgotten when investing.

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Weekly Keys: New general market increases during the week despite the continued increase in the number of infections

The UK GDP figures came in slightly below the preliminary data from several days ago, experiencing a drop of -1.7% in the first quarter.

Much better news came from the Eurozone, where the preliminary inflation figure stood at 0.3% year-on-year. Although it is still very low, this figure puts a brake on the falls experienced since the beginning of the year, where it stood at 1.4%. Also positive was the rebound in Germany’s PMIs (45.2 points) and the increase in unemployment below expectations (+69k v 120k expected).

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Socially responsible investing post COVID-19

In recent years, socially responsible investing has become a key investment theme and a prime focus of the asset management industry.

One of the benefits often attributed to socially responsible investing is its strong defensive nature, something that we’ve been able to examine during the recent Covid-19 crisis. This article analyses that aspect and the reaction of investors when it comes to allocating their assets.

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Is gold a good safe haven?

The first asset we think about when it comes to protecting our wealth, in a situation where the economy has entered a recession and the central banks are flooding the markets with liquidity, is usually gold.

Gold has been traded without any restrictions since 1971 when the United States decided to terminate the Bretton Woods agreements. In these agreements, the US dollar was considered to be a global currency, with the condition that the Federal Reserve had to hold sufficient gold reserves to back the dollars in circulation.

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Corporate e-bikes, the new initiative by BBVA in Switzerland to promote sustainable mobility

Summer is already here and the BBVA team in Switzerland is keen to promote sustainable mobility. Now that we are starting to get back to normal, the Bank has presented its fleet of corporate e-bikes for use by all employees of the BBVA office in Zurich.

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FAQ when opening an account in a bank abroad

Given the growing number of people who are interested in opening an account in Switzerland, we have decided to present answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive on this matter.

Can I open a bank account in Switzerland?

Of course; free movement of capital means anyone can freely open a bank account wherever they wish.

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