Why invest abroad? Why invest in Switzerland?

Why invest abroad? Why invest in Switzerland?


Investing in a country that is not only a leader in innovation, with an extremely secure financial history, but also the global capital of private banking can only mean Switzerland. Technology, health, and scientific research sectors are gaining ever-increasing importance.

Opening an account in a bank abroad: frequently asked questions

Opening an account in a bank abroad: frequently asked questions

Given the growing number of people who are interested in opening an account in Switzerland, we have decided to present answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on this matter.

Right in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is the global capital of private banking. A title that reflects a world of investment opportunities, endorsed by guarantees as solid as having an AAA rating as a country (the best credit quality rating), thereby demonstrating its unequalled financial strength, given that only thirteen countries in the world have this status according to the internationally recognized ratings of Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch.  But perhaps this is just the gateway to a number of reasons that mustn’t be overlooked when you’re thinking about diversifying a portfolio with exposure to various economies, thereby gaining protection, stability, and greater security.

What Switzerland offers

First and foremost is the security of its economy. As stated, there are only thirteen countries in the world that have this distinguished consideration: Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Lichtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, USA, and New Zealand. It could be inferred that investing within such an economic context means investing with the guarantee of world-class security. 

This economic security, together with other legislative reasons, has made Switzerland the global capital of private banking – it is the headquarters over 250 banks in the world, as well as the headquarters of large insurance companies. This security is evidenced by the fact that the financial sector represented 8.9% of the Swiss GDP in 2022, according to the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF). 

But banking and finance are not the only livelihoods of Switzerland. Some of the most prominent companies in the areas of scientific research and health from throughout Europe are traded on this European country’s stock exchange. Being a leader in competitiveness and innovation is another success chalked up by this country of the Alps. In fact, at a time when the financial paradigm is changing with the arrival of blockchain, Switzerland is engaged to driving this technology as a part of the new global economy.

Just looking at the data, Switzerland is the headquarters of over 40 international organizations, such as the UN and Red Cross; it has been driving the global financial sector for over 270 years of its history; it brings together 25% of private foreign assets in the world, with over 4 trillion dollars managed by banks; it is the headquarters of over 350 fintech companies; and, as if this weren’t enough, it has developed what is known as Crypto Valley, a Swiss blockchain ecosystem leading the world with international connections, something that has served to make it the headquarters of the main crypto banks on the planet.


Reasons and advantages

There are strong and attractive reasons for investing in Switzerland, thereby making it necessary to analyse how you can invest and what advantages can be found. For example, BBVA Private Banking in Switzerland has implemented all the necessary tools so that venturing on Switzerland is much more simple and convenient. A team of over 120 professionals therefore provide advising, discretionary portfolio management, estate planning, and financing, and they are also opening up the door to the most secure possible investment in and custody of digital assets.

Regarding portfolio management, the basic approach is to preserve and protect capital. After doing so, the focus is on the long term to take advantage of the best future opportunities, but without losing sight of those great opportunities that the markets sometime offer in the short term. To do all this, BBVA in Switzerland looks for management independence and opinions outside of the market consensus, thereby providing it with an even broader vision.

Moreover, the asset planning offered by BBVA focuses on various areas, ranging from the possible needs of next generations to the minimization of risks and overall taxation when selecting investment vehicles for applying such tax effects and possible changes of residence.

One of the great attractions of investing in Switzerland is that, thanks to its legislation, it allows having exposure to the new economy and new finances that merge in digital assets. The bank therefore offers one of the safest ways to invest in these new finances, while allowing you to operate 24 hours a day, providing custody services, and assuring two levels of security in portfolios: hot and warm. And everything takes place under the supervision of the regulatory authority in Switzerland, FINMA.

Your bank in Switzerland, one click away

Your bank in Switzerland, one click away

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Returns on the Swiss stock exchange

On the other hand, the SMI index, which groups together the 20 main securities of the Swiss market traded on the Zurich Stock Exchange, has very notable returns. Over the last year, it has accrued an increase of over 26%, despite the poor performance of the market in 2022. Such popular names as Nestlé, Novartis, and Roche can be found in the index.

The robust Swiss economy, its financial solidness and political stability, the tax system, and the legal framework all favour opportunities for foreign investment. Switzerland makes things easy. 

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