Saving energy to invest in our planet


From the most elementary levels, light is at the origin of life itself. Research has led to the creation of promising alternative energy sources, life-saving medical breakthroughs, light-speed internet and many other discoveries that have disrupted society and shaped global understanding of the universe. 

To commemorate the International Day of Light, BBVA New Gen welcomes the role that light plays in areas as diverse as science, culture and art, education and sustainable development. Thus, in order to build a more resilient, favourable and equitable growth model, it is important to accelerate structural transformation in five key economic sectors that we want to boost today to create a positive impact without compromising profitability: 

  • Energy storage: some emerging technologies, notably batteries, low-emission hydrogen and carbon capture use and storage, are experiencing rapid growth. Investment in battery energy storage is expected to double. In 2022 it reached almost 20 billion USD
  • Clean energy: The power sector, mainly in renewables and grids, and energy efficiency. At New Gen we have selected the most relevant companies and investment vehicles worldwide, such as Vontobel Clean Technology
  • Electric vehicles: Electrification of mobility is a key contributor to increased consumer spending on clean end-use, with the electric vehicle market forecast to reach an impressive 693.7 billion dollars by 2030, representing a CAGR of 17.3%.
  • Circular economy: Increasing demand for this new economic system holds strong potential for companies focused on the circular economy. Companies such as Waste Connections, GFL Environmental or ADS Pipe are setting the pace in this megatrend. 
  • Smart cities: More compact, connected and coordinated cities would save us $17 trillion by 2050 and stimulate economic growth by improving access to jobs and housing. The Lyxor MSCI Smart Cities exchange-traded fund provides exposure to the economic momentum of accelerating urbanisation.

The energy crisis and policy measures boosted global investment in low-carbon energy to a record $1.1 trillion by 2022, with money for the energy transition matching investment in fossil fuel supply for the first time, according to a BloombergNEF report. While the transition to a green economy will take time, the sooner we act, the lower the costs and the greater the benefits.


Green energy global investment

Source: AIE