Balance: the key ingredient of the successful Swiss ecosystem

When we talk about the perfect recipe, there are always a series of ingredients that must be carefully selected to achieve the best result. BBVA in Switzerland is launching a series of 10 lessons that invite us to review the milestones achieved by Switzerland as a global power in well-being, the economy and innovation.

If we talk about balance, it seems that Switzerland has discovered the winning formula, perfectly combining all the elements to establish itself as one of the main financial centers and a leader in innovation in the UN's global ranking for the thirteenth year running.


From the historic context, its cross-cutting efficiency, to the advanced regulatory framework of the crypto ecosystem, BBVA in Switzerland aims to explain and highlight all the components of its success. These lessons try to give context and explain, in a visual and easy-to-consume format, all the factors that make the Swiss brand a hallmark of quality, stability and excellence. They will be published monthly on its website, available to anyone who is curious. 

Image of the winning formula discovered by Switzerland
“Switzerland is the world leader in asset management with a 25% share worldwide, and it also meets the standards in terms of legal security, country risk and expertise in the Private Banking industry, characteristics that investors take into account when they want to diversify their assets”, says Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA in Switzerland.

Switzerland, a winning formula

Switzerland has the perfect recipe to stay on the podium as a financial capital - and to go further. The tradition, innovation and sophistication of its private banking attracts investment.

For BBVA, banking in such an innovative and efficient ecosystem not only represents a great opportunity for diversification for international customers, but it has allowed the development of innovative and pioneering solutions, such as the cryptoasset trading and custody service and the private banking investment advice service tailored to the needs of this new era. Therefore the Swiss subsidiary supplements the wide range of products and services offered by the BBVA Group and speeds up the transformation to lay the foundations of the banking of the future.


“At BBVA in Switzerland, our aim is to keep offering the best opportunities to our customers through services focused on their needs, always striving for excellence, promoting innovation and transformation too through the new Blockchain digital space”, concludes Gómez.