Food industry is ready for the disruption

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Healthy life, Investment, New Gen, Nutrition, Private banking, Vegetarianism / 12 January, 2023
Food industry is ready for the disruption

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The growth of the world population combined with changing consumption habits are forcing an increase in food production levels, which is confronting other major challenges such as environmental changes or geopolitical crises.Will we have the means to feed the nine billion people who will inhabit the planet in the coming decades? The definitive moment to deal with the changing food model is upon us and the industry is ready for this disruption.

The food investment universe is one of the most important worldwide. Scientific and technical advances are shaping the type of food we will demand in the future. However, not all of these are aimed at producing artificial products, they also include the pursuit of sustainability, health, the digital economy and new consumer habits. So, we observe how this trend encompasses the entire value chain, allowing us to find opportunities distributed within different sectors: 

  • AgTech: Enables improved use of natural resources to obtain higher yields from the same amount of inputs. Some of the main players in the industry include Cargrill, ADM, Bayer, AgroStar and DeLaval.
  • Logistics: Facilitates access to food, reduces waste and prevents food-borne diseases by taking into account the requirements of each type of product and its conservation needs, means of transportation, packaging, infrastructure and technological advances. Companies such as AmeriCold Logistics LLC, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Schneider National, CaseStack, and Evans Distribution Systems, Inc. lead the industry.
  • Food: Obtains food products, dietary supplements and ingredients that help improve the nutritional profile of food andt he dietary choices. Some companies, funds and ETFs stand out such as Beyond Meat, Pictet Nutrition, Tyson Foods, Simply Good Foods or ETF US Vegan Climate Exchange Traded.

At New Gen we believe that, being a vital industry for the future development of society, not only has enormous growth potential, but the widening of options at the investment horizon opens up a way to diversify our portfolios while making a positive impact. With our investment portfolio you can invest in this megatrend through stocks, funds or ETFs.


AgTech market value worldwide 2020 – 2025:

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