Five good investment resolutions for 2024

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Digital economy, Financial Education, Investment, New Gen, Private banking / 7 February, 2024
Five good investment resolutions for 2024


The new year gives us a chance to set ourselves new resolutions. And that also applies to our investments. Whether it’s increasing your capital over time, maximizing returns or generating recurring income, an investor’s main objective has to fit the defined goals and circumstances.

Here are some resolutions that investors should keep in mind:

Protecting your wealth

Inflation is the bane of the investor as it causes money to lose value over time, and so it must be taken into account when changing an investment decision. Therefore, it is important to identify the financial products that are capable of beating rising prices when choosing an investment vehicle or changing positions. In other words, their real return—as opposed to their nominal return—should be capable of outperforming this macroeconomic indicator over a prolonged period of time.

Long-term vision

This long-term outlook also applies to protecting ourselves against another nemesis: volatility. Intraday corrections are inherent to the markets, but they can prove troublesome to investors that do not have a long-term vision. They do, however, provide windows of opportunity to buy shares of quality companies at a good price, giving the market room to recognize their true value, which translates into potential future gains.  What’s more, a long-term outlook has the effect of smoothing out those daily price swings.

On the other hand, the more time we have to reach our investment objective, the more aggressive we can be with our strategies and, therefore, the greater the chances of generating returns.

It's about your future, shouldn't you have a choice?

It's about your future, shouldn't you have a choice?

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