What is private banking in Switzerland?

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BBVA in Switzerland / 21 August, 2018

Raúl Benito Corporate Communications

Have you ever asked yourself what private banking is? Or why Swiss banking is so famous? BBVA's employees in Switzerland reveal the opportunities already enjoyed by our customers. We could mention the fact that Switzerland is one of the leading international financial centres, the world's most innovative country for the eighth year running, and one of the most stable regions on the planet. But it's important to recognise Switzerland as the world private banking centre, because it offers a magnificent option for investors seeking security and profit in the diversification of their investments. Why does an international client seek security in BBVA Switzerland? BBVA has over 25 years of experience in Switzerland, supporting its customers and advising them on the preservation of their wealth and on international asset management. It is the only bank in the Group dedicated exclusively to private banking. What is it that makes private banking so special? We know our customers better than anybody else. We know what they need, we know their dreams, and we offer them advisory services tailored to their needs. We accommodate them whatever their circumstances. This makes us more flexible and dynamic. Our close and enduring relationships. Customers build relationships of trust with our bank which are forged over generations, as our business model is based on close personal contact. Families deposit their trust in us throughout their whole lives. Private banking is synonymous with responsibility and commitment. Customers who entrust us with their wealth do so in the knowledge that we are a responsible bank that always guarantees its customers' profitability. We love entrepreneurs, but what we like most is helping them achieve their goals. This is our greatest satisfaction. We understand our customers' culture and we share their worldview. BBVA in Switzerland is an international private bank staffed by 125 professionals from 18 different nationalities. We like the idea of making the complexity of the financial markets easy to understand so our customers can feel at home in the financial environment. Today private banking also means technological transformation, and BBVA in Switzerland is a pioneer in the use of digital signature in its communications with its customers. We're also developing digital tools with the sole aim of making our customers' lives easier. One example is "Click & Trade", the tool that gives customers total freedom to invest where, how and when they want. When we think about the future of private banking, our customers are the first to come to mind, and our number one priority. Our customers think big, and so do we.