What we do


  • International change of residence
  • Buying property overseas
  • Visa programmes


  • Estate planning advice
  • Tax advice
  • Succession planning
  • Life insurance
  • Family protocol
  • Trusts


  • Design of business structures
  • Professionalisation of family businesses
  • Funding alternatives
  • International expansion


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Inheritance tax: How does it affect me?

Revenues from inheritance and gift taxes have reduced over the years; from an OECD average of 1.1% of total tax revenues in 1965 down to the present 0.4%. A government’s main objective is to cover the basic needs of its citizens. The most important basic needs include ensuring that people have a job. […]

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What benefit for my assets does it have to change my country of residence?

Have you ever considered moving to another country looking for a better taxation for your assets? Why are there so many cases of athletes or artists who decide to change the country of residence for the benefit of their careers?Cristiano Ronaldo has found the solution to his tax problems by signing up for an Italian team. At the beginning of the summer we got […]

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How do I protect my family against contingencies?

Potential family and business risks can be detected with good wealth planning, in order to protect our family against contingencies. However, without planning, structuring and organizing, we will not achieve such protection.

If we want to do a complete planning of our wealth situation, we need to take measures related with the structure of our family business or the design of a specific person’s succession  […]

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