What type of portfolio best meets my needs?

There are two types of investment, one seeking to obtain attractive long-term returns with an objective of protecting equity and another seeking to obtain higher returns from benchmark or market indices.

How do I define my risk profile?

Depending on my tolerance to volatility in the value of the portfolio, the time horizon of my investments and my expectations regarding investments.

What information do I receive about my portfolio?

Daily access to the investments that make up the portfolio, in addition to monthly reports that will allow you to have a clear and complete vision of your investment. Along with all this, your personal manager will always be available to give you more information.

How long to I have to wait for my money to be available to me?

All the portfolios invest in assets with maximum daily liquidity, so the money would be available immediately.

Where and in what do we invest?

The investment approach is global, we can invest in the main assets of any geographical area depending on the opportunities available at any given time.

Do I have any kind of fiscal advantage?

We have different types of fiscally efficient vehicles depending on the country of residence of the investor.

What has been the historical behaviour of the portfolios?

Since their inception, different types of portfolios have obtained very attractive returns in different market environments, thanks to flexible management and comprehensive risk control.

What is the discretionary management model?

The objective of the portfolio is to obtain attractive positive returns in the medium and long term, capitalising on the risk assumed in the investments. The management model is based on two motors or sources of value: strategic or long-term ideas, where we position ourselves in ideas of high value and conviction in the medium and long term, and tactics or short-term, where we take advantage of the
volatility typical of the financial markets where we invest.

Can I borrow against my portfolio?

You can apply for a loan with very advantageous conditions on any portfolio of delegated management, since all of them have Lombard value.

How do I contract a portfolio?

The discretionary management portfolio is contracted in a flexible, simple way, by signing two documents.
The generic management mandate contract and the document for selection and definition of the portfolio itself.


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