How does the Advisory process work?

The goal is to create an ad-hock investment portfolio for the client. To do so, the client’s risk profile and goals will be taken into consideration. Additionally, and thanks to constant monitoring, the client will receive periodical investment proposals, with the aim to improve the risk-return relation of your investments. Under the Advisory agreement, the client has the last saying on all investment decisions.

What are the advantages of the Advisory agreement?

Under the Advisory agreement, the client will have access to an investor advisor, who will be assigned specifically to his account. The advisor will periodically provide the client with investment ideas, under the scope of his risk profile and investment goals. Additionally, the advisor will conduct an extensive monitoring of the portfolio.

Will the Advisory be done according to my specific needs?

The first step in the advisory process is to get to know the client. Hence, in addition to the investment profile, the investment advisor will enquire about the specific needs and goals of the client. With all the information taken into consideration, the advisor will proceed with the strategy assessment and adequate investment proposals.

Can I have direct access to my investment advisor?

Yes. The client will have access to his assigned investment advisor as soon as the account opening process is complete and the advisory agreement is signed. The client will be able to contact his advisor to clarify any doubts he may have regarding his investments.

How do I define my investment profile?

To define a client’s investment profile, an interview will be done, to determine his tolerance to fluctuations in the value, investment horizon, and return expectations of the investment portfolio.

Is it important for me to keep cash in my account, in case I have an emergency?

The investment proposals from the advisor will always take into consideration the liquidity needs of the client. Based on those needs, the advisor can propose strategies that prioritize cash generation, liquidity maintenance or full investment.

How will I know if there are high fluctuations in my portfolio?

All portfolios are constantly monitored by the advisory team. High fluctuations will be taken into account to determine if the investment strategy needs to be adjusted.

Where do we invest?

We have a global investment focus. Depending on market opportunities at any given moment, we may recommend to invest in any asset of any geography. Our open architecture allows us to have access to a wide variety of investment vehicles. All ETF’s and Third-Party funds that we invest in have previously passed an exhaustive due diligence process conducted by BBVA Quality Funds (a team within BBVA that focuses exclusively on third-party vehicle selection).

What information will I receive about my portfolio?

Through BBVA’s e-banking, the client will have access to his portfolio positions and accumulated performance at any moment and from any device (computer, mobile phone or tablet). Additionally, both the investment advisor and the relationship manager will be at the client’s disposal to clarify any doubts that may arise.

What are digital solutions offered by the advisory service?

Through BBVA’s e-banking, the client will receive all investment proposals in digital format, and will be able to approve them, making the advisory process a more transparent, easy and fast experience for the client. All investment proposals will be registered in the e-banking, where the client will be able to review them at any time.