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Weekly keys: What is happening this week?

Weekly keys in the form of headlines to keep up to date with what is happening in the markets. Full article in the private area of ​​customers.

Hiking in Switzerland. A short walk along the trails

When visiting Switzerland, remember to take a walk in one of the countries with the most trails anywhere in the world. Discover Switzerland through these trails.

Humans and robots increase business productivity when they work together

Greater business productivity is achieved when robots are programmed to work in tandem with humans, rather than replacing them.

Benefits and keys to preparing well a marathon

Marathons, like other sports such as triathlons or steeplechase races, have experienced exponential growth over the last 10 years. We present you the benefits and keys to preparing well a marathon.

Are we facing a new economic crisis?

The manufacturing ISM is an indicator of activity, widely used to anticipate the behaviour of the economy. When it is above 50 it indicates that we are in an area of economic expansion, while if it is below that level it points towards increasing risks that a period of economic contraction may occur. In the […]

Oil and geopolitical risk

Geopolitical risk increases affecting the price of certain commodities in the short term, although its long-term influence, is very low we do not advise basing investments on it.

BBVA in its commitment against Breast Cancer

BBVA Switzerland took part in the 2019 Pink Ribbon charity run, demonstrating once again its commitment to combating breast cancer.

Investors are holding fire from the central banks

Somewhat surprisingly, we’re still seeing global investors paying an inordinate amount of attention to the decisions from the central banks in general and the Federal Reserve in particular.

The Argentine authorities seek to extend the maturities of government debt

The Argentine authorities seek to extend the maturities of more than 100 billion dollars of government debt, which includes over 50 billion of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Are we facing the imminent collapse of equities?

We are actually reading, in websites specialised in financial activity, about the imminent collapse of the equity indices or the divergence between the macroeconomic situation and the U.S. indices, which are close to record highs. What future is there for equities?

Do we have the right to disconnect from the digital society?

We all need to switch off at times, but it seems that the digital society does not want to allow us to do so. What are the possible results of not switching off from work?

The importance of living in a sustainable world

If there is a fact that shows us the importance of living in a sustainable environment and focusing on the environment is that 29 July was the Earth Overshoot Day​, i.e. the day when humanity consumed all the resources available for that year.  The current pace is increasing and growing exponentially every single year.

Structured products linked to interest rates

Range accruals are undoubtedly among the most popular interest-rate linked structured products. They are worth looking into if you want to receive a regular interest payment above market rates, linked to changes in interest rates.

The financing of life insurance premiums

These international insurances have a double component of savings and insurance so that the premiums paid have a return that is used in part by the insurer to guarantee the payment

The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

Stay updated with the last news anywhere. With the new podcast channels from BBVA, you can have access to the latest news about personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions, and much more. Check out our monthly recommendation here. BBVA together with you on your car, […]

Change of trend in the price of silver

Although the price of silver may not change its trend, there could at least be an upturn that may drive the price up from the current 16 dollars an ounce to 25 dollars per ounce within a year.

The Federal Reserve cuts rates for the first time in ten years

Las autoridades monetarias estadounidenses han recortado un 0,25% las tasas oficiales de la mayor economía mundial,  situando el precio del dinero en el rango 2,25% – 2,00%.

August 1: Switzerland is commemorating its national day

Switzerland is commemorating its national holiday on 1 August.  The warm summer temperatures create the appropriate setting for the Swiss Confederation to fill the night with lights and fireworks as it remembers the founding in 1291 of what we now know as the land of chocolate, watches, and finances.

BBVA earns €2.44 billion in first half of the year

The latest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

With the new podcast channels from BBVA, you can have access to the latest news about personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions, and much more.

The global economic deterioration forces to lower the reference rates

The global economic downturn has once more obliged the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to change its monetary policy and begin to cut its official rates.

Lakes in Switzerland: the most refreshing alternative in summer

The lakes, together with the mountains in Switzerland, are the country’s most characteristic natural elements.

Cybersecurity: The importance of protecting our data

The flow of personal data generated by these new technologies may leave our privacy exposed, meaning the concept of cybersecurity is increasingly critical.

The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

Stay updated with the last news anywhere.

Seven tips for investing successfully in a start-up (Venture Capital I)

Newly created emerging companies, start-ups are a vital part of value creation in the economy and make a positive contribution to society.

6 recommended readings for the holidays

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and the holidays are finally approaching. For the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere, the cold of winter is increasingly approaching. In both cases, for many, it is time to enjoy a well-deserved rest period and regain strength for the rest of the year. We present a selection of […]

Sustainable financial investment: Plastic waste treatment

Sadly, plastic debris has become frequent in marine life, where plastic is found in the stomachs of cetaceans, birds, and fish

Seven superfoods to boost your smoothies

Sustainability, energy and commitment

“Sustainable development” is a relatively new concept and was first defined in 1987, in the Brundtland Report. A report that recognised that social development was taking place at a very high cost to the environment.