What to visit | 21 December, 2017

Zurich, Christmas Swiss style

María Luisa Garitagoitia Desarrollo de Negocio

Excitement about Christmas is evident in a very special way in Zurich, the Swiss financial capital. A visitor strolling through the city in December can enjoy the characteristic Christmas makeover of this attractive metropolis.

In the Swiss mind, Advent is a season that provokes great excitement and is worthy of celebration. Hence Christmas in this city begins so early. Advent is a countdown that invites one to celebrate every day in December until Christmas Eve. The calendar for these weeks is full of dates and occasions to enjoy in the open air, despite the cold, and because night falls earlier, night-time is a feature of almost all the activities scheduled to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Pedestrians touring the city’s streets and squares during this season will appreciate how elegant the Swiss are when decorating their streets with lights to mimic a star-filled sky. The street markets invite them to try typical Swiss food and drink. Zurich in December is therefore a festival of sweet mulled wine, tiny Christmas sweets and melted Swiss cheese. Furthermore, whilst observing the spectacular view of the snow-covered Alps if the day is clear, trying a delicious hot chocolate or roast chestnuts at the lakeside make very good options.

As snow is a must on any Christmas scene in this part of Europe, children can take refuge from the cold on Father Christmas’ tram where they can listen to a story and do a trip around the city.

But what visitors undoubtedly cannot miss this season is “The Singing Christmas Tree”. In this singular setting (a giant Christmas tree) different local choirs perform Christmas carols and gospel songs. This tree brings together voices, both professional and amateur, adults and children, to sing several times a day, whilst the passers-by enjoy the adjacent street market.

Curiously unknown, a stroll through Zurich’s Old Town is a worthy option at any time of the year. At Christmas, however, this is a visit becomes almost mandatory.