Why is nutrition emerging as one of the future investments at New Gen?

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Healthcare of the future, Healthy life, Nutrition / 12 March, 2022
Why is nutrition emerging as one of the future investments at New Gen?

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Over the years, the importance of nutrition gains more ground and power to other industries that seek to improve the current quality of life of human beings. This boost given by one industry to another is part of the reason why BBVA New Gen maintains that nutrition is an investment with a high possibility of a positive return on investment.

How the nutrition industry affects, positively or negatively, others can be seen most clearly in two well-known investment trends: health and sustainability.

How does nutrition help our immune system?

How does nutrition help our immune system?

The immune system is on charge of the protection of our body against the various agents it identifies as possible aggressors; whether they are viruses, bacteria, allergens, toxins, malignant cells, etc. Nutrition, as we will see, plays a very important role in this, and for that reason the term immunonutrition has been coined to refer to the science involved in studying the relationship between nutrition and immunity.

Nutrition and health

These two industries feed off each other because of how one can affect the other. Multiple studies reinforce the importance of a healthy diet to avoid the most common health problems, in addition to encouraging the evolution of related trends such as vegetarian diets, which continue to gain significant popularity in the population.

Nutrition and sustainability

One of the challenges that arises as a society is to provide good quality food to all social classes; however, this in turn has its internal challenges such as sustainability, where food production is responsible for a high part of the environmental impact generated.

This environmental challenge has driven technological advances related to nutrition, and more optimal ways to achieve global food goals.

Nutrition and technology

Being a trend with a great boom, technology linked to nutrition seeks, among other things, to simplify processes from the micro to the macro. The micro level refers to an easier way to monitor and control food in daily life, for example, apps, smart watches or other equipment that monitors calorie consumption, meal plans, among others.

As for the macro level, it refers to the use of technology to increase productivity within factories, for example. Or, more optimal ways of transporting food from one place to another.

An industry with a strong future

Being a vital industry for the development of society, BBVA New Gen estimates that it will develop with greater intensity in the coming years. This will result in a growth of options at the investment level and will open a path for portfolio diversification.

For this reason, constant monitoring of the new elements that are part of this trend is maintained, in order to make accurate projections, as well as studied recommendations to investors seeking to relate to the nutrition industry, which undoubtedly promises significant growth.

How to invest in Nutrition?

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