Why invest in the video game industry?

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Digitalisation, Gaming and eSports / 17 February, 2022
Why invest in the video game industry?

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Investing in the video game industry is one of the wisest decisions you can make as an investor, but why? Among all the answers to this question, the most important is the constant increase that this entertainment industry has had over the years, which has earned it a great deal of ground in the financial market as an option with a positive projection.

Esports: top leagues, games and sponsors

Esports: top leagues, games and sponsors

Undoubtedly, the world of eSports has ceased to be a simple pastime to become a millionaire industry, which is also sponsored by large companies.

Gamers around the world

A clear indicator of the growth of this industry is the number of active gamers for 2021 compared to 2015. In fact, Newzoo reports that by 2015 the industry had 1.99 million active gamers, while by 2021 that number increased to 2.95 million users.

Impact of the pandemic

Although the appearance of COVID-19 and the declaration of the pandemic considerably boosted the time dedicated to gaming, entertainment and sales of both games and gadgets to play, the development of this industry has been progressive over time, so if while the time gamers spend active may decrease in the post-pandemic era, the number of active gamers and the income generated by them is unlikely to decrease.

What makes up the video game industry?

The parts that make up this industry are an opportunity for the investor to diversify his portfolio since it not only includes companies that make video games, but also those companies that manufacture the material used for consoles or computers. It also includes all those services used mostly by gamers, such as Twitch and Discord.

Like any production process, the investor can get involved in many ways through the different stages of this great entertainment industry.

A loyal audience

Players, whether online, offline or through smartphones, are an audience that can be considered loyal. Most of the players have been gamers for a few years now and, with different games or teams, they continue year after year to form part of the base of this industry.

In fact, over the years, gamers can become investors when seeking to place their financial capital in companies they support and, therefore, BBVA New Gen has included this category in its portfolio in order to offer interested parties a compendium of companies analyzed that could generate a positive return on investment and, at the same time, give the investor an investment that they believe in, support and use.

Investing in what you believe is possible, invest with BBVA New Gen.

How to invest in Gaming and eSports?

From BBVA New Gen we have compiled the companies and investment funds that are dedicated to Gaming and eSports find out how to invest in the companies that are revolutionizing the sector

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