Why invest in the e-commerce industry?

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Digitalisation, E-commerce / 8 March, 2022
Why invest in the e-commerce industry?

Andrea Daly Aurenty Journalist

Electronic commerce, also known as ‘ecommerce’, is one of the industries that experienced the greatest impact due to the pandemic. Online sales have been strongly boosted two years ago due to the multiple restrictions generated in all countries that encourage users to stay at home, which caused the main way to obtain goods and services to be through the Internet.

Although the considerable increase in sales worldwide during 2020 attracted the attention of investors worldwide, a year later the question arises: Why invest in the e-commerce industry?

One reason is recent projections that by 2023, online sales will represent 22% of total retail sales worldwide, which gives a good indication of a possible positive return on investment.

Another important aspect to mention is that, as part of the impact of 2020, the generation gap that existed shrank considerably, with people of all generations engaging in some form with online sales. Figures reflect that 61% of the generation known as “Baby boomers” are online shoppers, as well as 78% of generation X and 81% of millennials.

In addition, electronic commerce has in its favor that it is an industry with many alternatives, which in turn translates into multiple investment possibilities, which allows you to have a diversified portfolio. Diversification when investing is an important aspect to protect yourself against the movements experienced by the financial market.

E-commerce: The rebound of a sector as old as the Internet

E-commerce: The rebound of a sector as old as the Internet

In addition to the pandemic, a fundamental factor in the rebound of e-commerce is innovation, since digital transformation is part of the process of evolution and growth of any company.

3 great platforms to observe this 2022

If your intention is to invest in this popular option, e-commerce platforms are an excellent choice to get involved in the world of internet sales.

There are many options on the market; however, some of those that have performed well and are expected to continue growing in the coming years are:

Amazon: with 28 years in the market, it is one of the best positioned companies in this area and one of the most popular. Surveys ensure that 89% of buyers prefer this platform to any other, in addition to stating that the Prime version exceeds 150 million subscribers.

Ebay: Founded a year later, this e-commerce platform has 187 million members worldwide and ensures that almost 35% of users with mobile phones in the United States use the company’s application.

Alibaba: the Chinese platform was born in 1999 and came to revolutionize the Asian market. It has 755 million active users per month and more than 240 countries use it.

Like these, there are other important options, for example, WooCommerce, Etsy and Mercado Libre, which should be taken into account when investing in electronic commerce.

It is clear that making investments in the e-commerce trend is a wise decision and to facilitate the investment process, BBVA New Gen has included several of these companies in its extensive portfolio, thus seeking to offer its customers a link with the trends that set the tone in the financial market.

How to invest in E-commerce?

From BBVA New Gen we have compiled the companies and investment funds that are dedicated to E-commerce find out how to invest in the companies that are revolutionizing the sector

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