BBVA in Switzerland | 9 May, 2018

What’s the minimum amount to open an account in a private bank in Switzerland?


Learn with BBVA Switzerland how opening a bank account in Switzerland is not a taboo subject. On the contrary, it’s a simple procedure. Not only complies with every international legislation but also offers excellent advantages by diversifying your savings in a neutral and stable country with a triple-A (AAA) rating. 

Switzerland enjoys worldwide fame as the most important international private banking centre. It is home to more than a hundred private banks that operate globally and specialise in wealth management. In private banking there is usually no minimum amount for opening an account to deposit your savings and make investments. As a general service, it is offered to all kinds of customers, although some banks do recommend initiating the relationship with a minimum amount because the maintenance and management fees can be quite high.

Certain financial entities also use marketing strategies to create an aura of exclusivity for their services, for which they set minimum entry amounts. In most cases, though, the services are not usually as exclusive as they seem. In fact, they tend to be similar or identical to the services offered by banks that don’t impose any limits.

BBVA Suiza is one of the benchmarks of international private banking in Switzerland

When choosing a wealth management bank, it is best not to focus too much on the account opening conditions but to assess the overall quality of the bank, including the different teams and services as well as the fees and digital platform.

BBVA in Switzerland has not set a minimum amount to open an account because it is committed to building and sustaining the long-term trust of its customers. It is precisely this trust that has enabled the bank to become the preferred option for managing its customers’ wealth.

If you are thinking of opening an account at a Swiss bank, please check the list of required documents that we have prepared as a guide.