What is renewable and what is not: examples

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Clean energies / 8 September, 2021
What is renewable and what is not: examples

Sofía R. Ustáriz Journalist

Energy is one of the most important resources for the daily life of the human being. The vast majority of society’s activities depend on the use of energy and, for a long time, that energy came from non-renewable resources, which means that it comes from finite, not unlimited, resources.

Given the importance of energy, the possibility that it is depleted has motivated around the world the search for alternatives that guarantee continuity by relying on renewable resources, from there come renewable energies.

Renewable energies use resources that have always existed on Earth, so they are infinite sources of energy.

A world with clean energy

A world with clean energy

Different opinions exist regarding the causes of climate change: Some experts state that temperature increases are a normal part of the Earth’s cycle, whilst others interpret this phenomenon as man’s doing.

Examples of renewable energy

Examples of renewable energy include solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy. These terms continue to become popular for a reason: they do not cause harm to the planet.

The use of the sun, the wind, the seas and the thermal phenomena of the interior of the earth’s crust are elements that are considered infinite, since they have been with humanity since its inception.

Regardless of whether renewable resources have their days numbered, one of the reasons that led society to look for alternative forms of energy is global warming. This term has been heard in every country of the planet as a concern that should be discussed.

The use of renewable energies is much less harmful to the planet, so it allows us to live in harmony, producing the necessary energy without generating greater environmental damage.

Examples of non-renewable energy

In the case of non-renewable energies, the term refers to energy that uses resources that, once consumed, cannot be replaced. Extracting and working this type of energy is highly polluting for the planet, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases that contribute to what we know as global warming.

Some of the non-renewable energies currently known are natural gas, oil, coal and nuclear fuels. However, society has depended on many non-renewable resources throughout its history.

That is why, after beginning to experience global warming, all the necessary efforts have been devoted to reducing the consumption of this resource and replacing it with resources that do not harm the earth and do not interrupt the normality of society.

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