Market news | 20 February, 2020

Weekly keys: What is happening this week?

Daniel Luengo Advisory Department

Bad GDP figures for the last quarter in Germany (0.0%), and particularly Japan (-1.6%), highlight the economic growth problems being experienced in certain developed countries.

What’s happening this week?


The highlight will come on Monday with the publication of the German ZEW economic sentiment index, along with the Manufacturing PMI both for Germany and for the rest of the Eurozone.

This index is particularly important since it is considered a leading indicator for an economy that, as we saw last week, is not going through the best of times lately. Additionally, we will have the publication of the minutes of the latest ECB meeting and the definitive European inflation figure.


A relatively quiet week, which begins with the markets closed for the Presidents’ Day holiday. Of note during the rest of the week, is the publication of the Philadelphia FED manufacturing index, as well as the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting and the PPI for the first month of the year.


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