Webinar: ‘How to invest in Fixed Income taking into account the current environment’

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Fixed-Income Portfolio, Investment / 26 March, 2021


BBVA in Switzerland organized an online webinar on ‘How to invest in Fixed Income in the current environment.

Investment experts, Alberto Villasán and Diego Balsa, analyzed the market situation in the current environment and the best-fixed income investment strategies for 2021.

The webinar was free of charge and in English. All participants were able to broaden their knowledge about fixed income and learn a little more about this type of investment.

The webinar was broadcast live on BBVA Switzerland’s Youtube channel on Thursday, March 25. After the presentation, viewers, and customers could write their questions through the chat of the social network itself. If you did not have the opportunity to connect, you can watch it after the live broadcast by clicking on the image below and also by accessing it through the social network itself.

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Webinar Fixed Income March 2021

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