Unique experiences: More than just art

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BBVA in Switzerland, Culture, Healthy Life / 21 March, 2018
Unique experiences: More than just art

Leticia Peña Escribano Client Solutions

What do The Garden of Earthly Delights and the first football world cup held in 1930 in Uruguay have in common? And what is the relationship between The Young Ladies of Avignon and the Parthenon marbles that stand in the British Museum in London? Now with our 'Unique Experiences' you can visit the museums housing these gems accompanied by BBVA in Switzerland. A guided tour of the world’s most outstanding museums. Museums that house exhibits of man’s evolution through works of art, the minutes of historic events and the most moving moments for fans of a sport that moves multitudes … soccer. These are the museums you can visit with an expert guide, thanks to BBVA in Switzerland:
  • Visit El Prado in Madrid, get lost in this Spanish art gallery and learn about history through pictures by painters like Velázquez, Goya or El Greco. Delight in Bosch’s garden or feel the delicacy of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation. A museum that has known how to take advantage of technology and now has all its most important works available through its website, converting it into a true canvas.
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  • Barcelona is home to the Fundació Joan Miró, located in a building that stands in Montjuic park, designed by the architect, town planner and friend of the painter, Josep Lluis Sert. Inside, visitors can tour the exhibition of the Catalan artist’s work and perceive their evolution.
  • The British Museum in London holds unique pieces of historical significance and of man’s evolution. The Rosetta Stone, Cleopatra’s mummy or the Parthenon marbles from Athens, just skim the surface of what this museum has to offer which, following its remit of showing man’s evolution, has opened its doors to technological development and has invited the Internet giant Google to visit its halls. Now Google Maps lets you into this museum so you can take a look at what it has to offer before visiting it in person.
  • The Mona Lisa continues smiling from the Louvre, an imposing and important museum that is now right at your fingertips. It opened its doors over 220 years ago and today continues delighting visitors from all over the world; a visit not to be missed if you are in the French capital.
  • You can go to the MoMA in New York and contemplate 20th century history through such iconic works as Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel or Meret Oppenheim’s Object, where she covered a cup, saucer and teaspoon with gazelle hide. Other fascinating pieces include the disturbing painting Christina’s World by the North American Andrew Wyeth, or Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night.
  • And on your visit to Zurich, the city that is home to BBVA in Switzerland’s head offices, you can take advantage of the guided tour of the Kunsthaus art museum. It is a museum that includes a vast collection of European art dating from the late Gothic period running through history to works from the impressionism or cubism schools, the interwar period, surrealism, modern art and contemporary works.
  • And soccer fans must not miss the guided tour of the FIFA Museum in Zurich. All the events, matches, legends and anecdotes of this sport of humble origins, which has become one of the biggest businesses on the planet, can be seen in this museum that opened its doors for the first time in 2016.
If you are planning a trip to any of these cities and you don’t want to miss any details of the treasures housed in these museums, from BBVA in Switzerland we invite you to enjoy, learn and discover their histories accompanied by an expert guide we can arrange for you.