Unique experience at the Chillida Leku for BBVA Switzerland clients

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About BBVA, Culture, Private banking / 4 October, 2022
Unique experience at the Chillida Leku for BBVA Switzerland clients

Belén Villar Client Solutions

BBVA Switzerland, in collaboration with BBVA Global Wealth, has invited a very reduced group of its private banking clients to visit the imposing Chillida Leku museum exclusively. A very special guided tour, where they have been able to contemplate and even experience all its corners at the hands of Mikel Chillida, who was able to passionately convey the soul and vision of his grandfather.

Chillida Leku is a unique museum where art and nature blend naturally. On the one hand, the unique Zabalaga farmhouse, restored by Eduardo Chillida personally, is presented as a great work of art that preserves its strong identity, reflecting both today and yesterday. On the other hand, its garden hosts more than forty sculptures of monumental size that seamlessly integrate into the environment.

At BBVA we understand the importance of being close to our customers and we aspire to keep bringing value beyond finance. We are therefore committed to continue offering unique experiences and opportunities with activities and projects where we place our customers at the heart of everything. 

If you would like to live the experience and be part of our upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact your personal banker or email us at experienciasunicas@bbva.ch.


Zabalaga Coutryhouse
Garden of the Chillida Leku Museum