Towards a New Enlightenment? A Transcendent Decade

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Artificial Intelligence, BBVA Group, Culture / 10 May, 2019

Leticia Peña Escribano Client Solutions

The Age of perplexity. Rethinking the world we knew.

The Age of perplexity. Rethinking the world we knew.

Think about what the world looked like when you looked at it with the eyes of a child or as a teenager. Do you see any change from that time compared to the present? Inevitably the change and transformation of the world and society have been immense. The new book published by BBVA OpenMind, The Age of Perplexity. Rethinking the world we knew allows us to digress to rethink all the events and changes undergone in recent decades and focus on the future. You can download the book here.

OpenMind, BBVA’s knowledge community, has presented its eleventh book: Towards a New Enlightenment? A Transcendent Decade. A publication that includes over twenty articles on the economy, science, research, technology, and humanities. Specialists from different fields and disciplines, university lecturers, scientists, and professors specialising in big data, artificial intelligence, astronomy, and politics thresh out and discuss the challenges that face our society today.

BBVA OpenMind’s new book once again asks us to reflect, to rethink the world to consider the impact that the technology revolution and human development are having on society and the planet.

These articles, which you can read on the BBVA OpenMind website, offer a review of the last ten years through different themes. How climate studies made over the past decade have demonstrated the effects of climate change, or climate collapse, as the author defines it. The consequences of the latest research into DNA, which has revealed descendants between different hominid populations. Discoveries that have even changed or redrawn the prehistoric era as we know it. The impact of artificial intelligence (IA) or the impact of policies over the past few years are but some of the topics addressed in this book. Different challenges facing the world in the near future that society must address. Analyses and ideas to make us reflect and rethink our actions as individuals and as a community.

A new illustration? A transcendent decade has a powerful and relevant content, with essays, charts, and images that clearly illustrate the value and importance of the topics put forward.

Each article can be found on the BBVA OpenMind website, downloaded in PDF format or listened to in audio format.