Tips to save energy efficiently in industries

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Energy saving technology / 9 October, 2021
Tips to save energy efficiently in industries

Karla García Gil Journalist

All companies consume resources in different ways, each sector and industry has particular energy needs. Therefore, it is necessary to know the specific consumption along the production process, so that it can be evaluated where and how actions or improvements can be implemented to save energy in an efficient way.

There are some general recommendations to take into account, which can not only encourage energy efficiency in companies, but also reduce their costs and benefit the environment.

A world with clean energy

A world with clean energy

Different opinions exist regarding the causes of climate change: Some experts state that temperature increases are a normal part of the Earth’s cycle, whilst others interpret this phenomenon as man’s doing.


  1. Review energy sources and evaluate the option of installing renewable energies.
  2. Select low-consumption equipment in terms of air conditioning (air conditioning, refrigeration and heating), since this is an element of high consumption in any industrial process.
  3. Incorporate LED technology in lighting or solar domes to take advantage of natural light.
  4. To have motion sensors to control the switching on and off of lights in low traffic areas.
  5. Use a high-pressure sodium vapor lamp (yellow color) for exterior lighting.
  6. Turn off servers that are not in use; it is necessary to implement sophisticated operating processes to reconnect servers when required.
  7. Appropriate selection of motors, since about 70% of the electrical energy consumption generated is due to their operation.
  8. Control water consumption and implement water saving measures.
  9. Replace older or obsolete machinery with modern and more efficient equipment.
  10. Implement maintenance activities for all equipment and machinery.


Improving energy efficiency in organizations has important advantages:

  1. Energy and economic savings, being able to implement even measures that do not require investment.
  2. Better machinery performance by detecting early failures.
  3. Increased useful life of devices in optimal conditions.
  4. Preserving the image of environmental and social responsibility.
  5. Reinforce the credibility in terms of continuous improvement of the company.
  6. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions derived from the industrial process.
  7. Better use of natural resources.
  8. Reduction of risks and better working conditions of workers.
  9. Important information on the exact consumption in each part of the process.
  10. Compliance with laws to avoid penalties.

According to Nielsen data, 80% of consumers worldwide consider it extremely important for companies to implement measures and protocols to combat climate change. Contributing to environmental protection gives companies a positive perception, which translates into more people interested in them, from customers to investors.

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