The power of influencers in purchasing decisions

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Social Media / 16 August, 2022
The power of influencers in purchasing decisions

Karla García Gil Journalist

The growing penetration of the internet and social networks has led to an increase in the level of trust that many young people, and in general, many people show for the popular figures that appear there. In this way, a link has been observed between this phenomenon and the purchase decision of many consumers.

According to data from Statista in 2022, 44% of Brazilian buyers claim to have purchased certain products influenced by the recommendation of a celebrity. It is worth noting that, until three years ago, this percentage was only 36%. Brazil is placed as the Latin American country with the highest number of “influencers” on Instagram, according to data from 2020.

In the case of Spain, the increase in the power of “influencers” over consumers increased from 15% in 2019 to 19% during this year. Meanwhile, in Argentina, it barely increased with respect to 2019, going from 13% to 15% this 2022.

In almost all participating countries, purchases increased due to the influence of public figures on social networks with respect to 2019, Mexico being the only exception.

According to the Statista survey, in almost all participating countries, purchases increased due to the influence exerted by popular profiles by public figures on social networks compared to 2019, the only exception being Mexico, a country that experienced a slight decrease this year compared to 2019 in the percentage of people who purchased products advertised by an “influencer”. Thus, while three years ago this percentage was 31%, this 2022 it has been reduced to 30%.

Thus, an “influencer” can be a fundamental factor in guaranteeing success and achieving the objectives of companies, as long as they speak with honesty, clarity and, above all, specialization, attributes that are often lacking in social media influencers.

Finfluencers: The new financial gurus driven by the RRSS

Finfluencers: The new financial gurus driven by the RRSS

Finfluencers disseminate financial information on social networks, with topics as broad as: investment strategies, personal finance management, cryptocurrencies, credit bureau, informal savings and taxes.

A clear example of this are the “finfluencers”, people who develop content of interest to their followers, focused on finance. These people often do not have professional training or real expertise in this area and are limited to giving advice that could cause more harm than good to their followers or followers. For this reason, it is very important to be cautious when choosing the people we are inspired by, especially when making financial decisions, which should clearly be backed by an expert on the subject, and of course, in those in which we invest part of our capital, as in the case of the acquisition of products and services.

The market of “influencers” will continue to boom in the coming years, today, it is estimated that it moves around 20,000 million dollars worldwide; however, if you want to obtain quality financial information, it is desirable that you go to an advisor.

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