The potential of the Robotics industry

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Robotics / 25 May, 2021
The potential of the Robotics industry

Edgar Mondragón Tenorio Journalist

It would be wrong to say that robotics is a new sector in its exploration, so much so that since the late 70’s, robots have been incorporated, firstly, in the automotive industry, and since then to date, the applications of robotics and the sectors where it is used have multiplied.

The versatility of robotics

Although we are still far from what the imaginary of science fiction has bombarded us with the idea of what robotics is, that is, those humanoid beings with the ability to perform actions like those of any human being, and to save you work and improve the efficiency of those tasks, today robotics is already part of our daily lives in various ways.

  • Every day they are more popular and accessible, their use has intensified in sectors such as public or private security, in the military, for exploration and even in rescue operations.
  • Autonomous vehicles. There are several companies dedicated to the development of these vehicles, which promise, as their efficiency increases, to reduce driving risks and make urban mobility more efficient.
  • Industrial robotics. This is the most explored field in this area, and the one that has been steadily expanding, due to the number of functions it can replace human activity on production lines.
  • Robots for health care. In this area, we are talking about robotics applied mainly to issues related to remote surgeries, since it is thanks to the manipulation of a robot that a surgeon can perform this activity while thousands of kilometers away.
  • Robots for consumption. So far, the most common application is the famous vacuum cleaner robots, but work is being done on robots that perform many other household functions.
Benefits from robotics applied to medicine

Benefits from robotics applied to medicine

In recent years, robotics applied to medicine has made great progress. There are several medical specialities, especially surgical ones, which have benefited from the use of increasingly precise robots with greater possibilities for diagnosis and treatment of several diseases.

The market

The market is wide and covers the five continents, although two markets are the ones that have the greatest thrust and presence, the Asian market, in the first place, and the European market.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the growth of this industry has ranged between 6% and 13% per year since 2013 and expects it to have a sustained growth of 17% per year in the coming years.

In terms of production, Japan is leading the way in this area, and in terms of installation, per 10,000 employees, South Korea boasts the most robotized country.

In terms of industrial robotics alone, the most important markets, which account for around 75% of this, are China, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Germany.

The robotics industry has a long and promising path ahead, which is currently not only booming but also expanding, and of course, it is a sector that should be in the sights of investors of all kinds, since the projections for this sector are favorable.


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