The metaverse and its influence on technology investments

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5G Technology, Gaming and eSports / 7 October, 2021
The metaverse and its influence on technology investments

Karla García Gil Journalist

The metaverse constitutes a parallel reality in the virtual world, which allows people to live a double life: the real and the fictional. The composition of the word comes from the Greek “meta” which means beyond, together with the word universe, which can be translated as “beyond the universe” that we still know today.

And it is that, in the future anyone who wishes, will be able to enter and leave immersive, persistent and shared virtual worlds. The metaverse will undoubtedly have effects for humanity, opening new frontiers and opportunities for companies that, in general, will need to transfer their current strategies to a virtual economy, as well as conduct market research on their new clients in the metaverse.

Business and sport, the path to leadership

Business and sport, the path to leadership

Sport and business are two settings where people relate to each other and that are recognised in all cultures. The capacity for transformation they have shown in recent decades in response to a wide variety of challenges has been amazing.

A juicy sector

Although the metaverse is already under construction, companies are making a huge effort to consolidate it to 100%, so much so that the valuation of that market currently amounts to 800,000 million dollars, according to data from Bloomberg.

By 2030 it is estimated that this valuation could reach 2.5 trillion. In the midst of such a juicy forecast, we can infer that investing in a metaverse could be very profitable.

Some of the fastest developing areas in this regard are; the video game industry, which aims to become one of the first to build a full metaverse, social media and adult cinema. The main company interested in this transition is Facebook, which aims to achieve it in the next five years, according to statements by Mark Zuckerberg.

However, the closest approach to the metaverse has occurred at the hands of video games such as Roblox or Fortnite. In the first, it is possible to buy objects, build buildings or create mini-games. Events such as concerts, art exhibitions and business meetings are also held. Meanwhile, in Fortnite you can buy digital objects and even massive concerts have been held.

In the not too distant future, people will be able to fully immerse themselves in the metaverse through virtual reality or partially interact in their physical space, with the help of augmented reality.

Industry in Latin America

Even though the 5G industry has developed gradually in the Latin American region, it is possible to find initiatives that support the transition to virtual worlds. For example, in 2020 a telecommunications congress was held in Argentina in a 100% virtual format, where the speakers presented through the avatar of their choice, said conference proposes a new collaboration model based on corporate virtuality.

The path of the 5G industry is finding business that justifies the huge investments that these networks will require. On the horizon, the first glimpses of what the 6G will be are already looming, which when we least expect it will be in front of our eyes.

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