The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

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BBVA Group / 23 July, 2020
The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss


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With the podcast channels from BBVA you can have access to the lastest news about personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions, and much more. Check out our monthly recommendation here. BBVA together with you on your car, kitchen or on your pocket! Our top 2 podcasts recommendation for July:
  1. "Amplifying digital now more vital than ever": The future will never look the same. If one were to scour news articles and studies around the current health situation, one will find that a good portion of medical experts will convey this concept. It’s difficult to say what the future will look like in multiple facets of society, but it’s safe to say that the ripple effects will be prominent, at least in the beginning.
  2. Scamming has been more prominent with more opportunities: While the pandemic created by the novel COVID-19 develops and sends Americans down an unprecedented path, fraudsters are jumping at the chance to capitalize on that uncertainty.