The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss

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BBVA Group / 9 August, 2019
The lastest BBVA podcasts you may not miss


Stay updated with the last news anywhere. With the new podcast channels from BBVA, you can have access to the latest news about personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions, and much more. Check out our monthly recommendation here. BBVA together with you on your car, kitchen or on your pocket!
  1. Program your 'online' account to save without realizing it
  2. New edition of BBVA Momentum, social entrepreneurship breaks records
  3. Deep Talks: "Our profession is to take care of people and make them feel happy", Joan Roca
  4. Openmind: Conquer the moon
  5. Acentos: Agronegocios: the challenge of Latin America to becoming the world's barn
  6. The Mind Bank: Visions of the future - what do conferences like Money 20/20 tell us about the future of the financial services sector?